PS Audio Quintet Line Conditioner & Dynamics

Hi A'goners,

Any thoughts on passive line conditioning and restricted dynamocs? I just tried a PS Audio Quintet (power strip with surge protection and passive line conditioning) having been warned it would restrict dynamics.

After 25 hrs, I felt like I couldn't breath listening to my system. I took it out, and it was like a I could breath again...dynamics, transient all came back.

I heard delicacy and detail which was very real and improved, but I had to turn the volume 20% louder and lost dynamic range.

PS audio said to burn it in for at least 200hrs...but I am skeptical. Any experience with others out there?

Since I have a PAD Dominus PC, I am using it with the Quintet to power most of my system. Should I try to find a power strip with removeable power cable and no line conditioning? Does such a prodct exist....I am in UK. Thanks for your guidance, A'Goners!!
What kind of amp are you using? I love my Quintet right out of the box and thought the sound was much better. I could care less if I have to turn it up a little, thats why I always go with a big amp. The more current the better I M.H.O. As my Daddy told me,"Not having enough power is like driving a Vet with a Lawn Mower Engine" . I have never seen a bad review on the Quintet so I would give it some break in time. If your not happy with it, I would bet it would be easy to sell (drop me a line,I might be interested). Good Luck!
Thanks RSA,

I am not putting the amp through it, only my Transport, DAC and pre. I have a cheap transport, Zanden 5000S DAC and CJ Act 2.

I lost dynamics but will burn in and see what happens. If I choose to sell, I'll let you know! Thanks again.
You need "good" power cords from your Quintet to your components. What power cords are you using right now?

I have all PS Audio's Statement SC power cords all around and there is NO loss of dynamic at all, just the opposit. My bass from my ATC powered speakers sound much tighter and lively than going straight to a 20A dedicated line.

Highly recommend the Duet and Quintet as the best bang for the buck passive line conditioners.
Hi Dtsag. Thanks for that. I am using the stock cords that came with my equipment. Being Zanden and CJ equipment, I did not change the PCs. When I plugged them straight into the wall, they sounded more dynamic than when I used the Quintet. The Quintet lowered the noise floor but also decreased dynamic range. Sounds like I should at least do the "200 hour" burn in and see how it goes afterwards. Then, if I need to upgrade PCs, I will. (BTW, I am using PAD Dominus PC from the wall into the Quintet.)
Perhaps the Quintet have slowed the current. Burn it in and see what happens. But, make sure to A/B compare at the same volume (which may mean different position of the volume nob) and see if there's really loss of dynamics.
Thanks, Chenc. I am at 140 hours or so at the moment. The delicacy and clarity of passages is improved with the Quintet. The volume knob does have to be 25% higher to get same volume. The music still is lacking dynamics (soft to loud), but I will burn it in for the full 200 hours and report back. Note that this lack of dynamics is compared to an ordinary power strip/surge protector with no line conditioning which (for the moment) provides slightly "rougher sound" but much greater range between soft and loud passages. i am at over 200hrs, and i am pleased. the delicacy, detail, quite reverb around strings and the air around voices which makes them appear in the room has improved. most important, the dynamic range has returned. good stuff, and definitely better imho than the full-on line conditioners which have listened to (fully burned in) on at least 3 systems for several hours each.

Way to go PS Audio.