PS Audio regenerator P600 or Premier?

Who compared? Which one does the job better, the job of providing the stable voltage and clean current? And which one actually sounds better? 600 watts would be enough for me. I would plug my entire system in it - table, phono stage, cassette deck, 120watt/ch integrated amp.
Premier's size is more manageable but I could accomodate P600 too. I don't need multiwave and I would not change frequency - my Nottingham motor would not like it.
P600 was made in the US, as I understand, and Premier in China.
If P600 breaks it would be a pain to ship it to the factory for repairs.
No direct comparison, but I've enjoyed my PPP for four years without a problem.  There were some lemons that came out of China, but at this point any used PPP that's running well likely didn't come from a bad batch.  In my system, it's great on source components but my amp (38-watt tube integrated) is certainly more dynamic and lively when plugged straight into the wall.
That's what I want first of all - dynamics. The voltage over here fluctuates wildly. I live in an apartment so dedicated lines are not possible and wouldn't help much anyway in this case.
Oh, a dedicated line would help gobs, but that's moot...

The great thing is you get to try it both ways and let your ears decide where to plug what.