PS Audio Statement vs Cardas Golden Ref I/C?

Anyone compared the two? I have great success with both PS Audio Statement power cords & Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables in my set up. I 'm planning to replace my Highwire i/c (700 series).
Thanks in advance.
Hi Ipy,

Have not heard the the PS Audio or the Highwire ic 700. The Cardas Golden Cross is a ``warm, musical, natural`` sounding cable. The Cardas GC will give details, lows, smooth highs and that wonderful mid range. Some call this ``colored`` but if you like the Cardas GC speaker cables try the ic`s, and pc`s. Go with what sounds best to you and lets you enjoy the music in your system

happy listening
Hi Ipy, your system and room looks very nice. I was using the PS Audio Statement Power cords on my amplifier until a few weeks ago. I would suggest, that before you replace your I/C, you look at comparing some power cables first. Originally I had thought the PS Audio cords were great - they provided deep bass, but then I did some comparison and I realized that the PS Audio cords were also rolling off high frequencies. I compared the PS Audio to AudioQuest NRG-5 and Tara Labs - The One power cables. It was easily noticeable in the comparisons.
I 'm bought (with a 3 week return trial) a pair of the Cardas Golden Reference i/c, still breaking in (100+hours) and it is sounding very at ease compared to the Highwire i/c. The Cardas is not detail shy amd like other Cardas users might attest to, the bass performance is bold and convincing. The sound of the Cardas compared to the Highwire has more more weight overall and it has a neutral sounding mid & HF. Yes, I could live with this type of sound & I can foresee it can be very addictive once it is fully set in and hopefully the sound will open up alot more.

Unlike Babybear and others, I do not find the PS Audio Statement power cords or i/c roll off the HF and as usual it will be system dependent. I do find there might be some synergies between the PS Audio & Cardas cables. Both brands seems to have a solid LF performance but the Cardas (at least the GF i/c IMO) seems more transparent in the mids & HF. I 'm tempted to try more GR i/c but I think I wait a bit more and/or until I 'm convinced that the 1st pair of GR is suited.

On another thread, I mentioned I have tried the AQ Mont Blanc speaker cables & it was not a good match with my system. The MB gave me alot of details but it was too clean and at the verge of sounding bright. The Cardas Golden Cross was a much better match & was clearly an improvement after being in my system for a couple of days. Both MB & GC speaker cables were already run-in by their dealers.

Any other comments are welcome.
Glad you are liking the Cardas Golden Reference IC's, but believe me at 100 hrs you have only scrathed the surface on how good these things will sound.

All the best,

Trcnetmsncom is correct about the Cardas Golden Reference. Give them time and they will reward you with wonderful sound. Cardas cables take a long time to break in but once they do they are really musical and natural sounding. Have patience and do not move the cables.

happy listening