PS audio ultralink II dac distortion

Hello All,

   I have a PS audio ultralink II dac that has suddenly low volume and distortion from both channels. I hooked up another dac and no problems. So I am sure it is the ultralink. Anyone know what it could possibly be? What I should I have it check for? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks   
call PS audio they have some of the best customer service around I'm sure they will help you through your issue.
Thank you for your response. I did call them and they stated they did not service these dac because they were made at a time when PS audio was sold and owned by someone else. So they could not really help with this because they have not designed or build this PS audio line. 
I have a PS Audio DAC III Digital Link,
it sounded great when I purchased it 2012 now it’s
sounds Too bright with all formats coax SPDIF,USB,and Toslink.
a new DAC coming soon Wyred 4 Sound 2v2.
I would be weary of stuff made by Wyred 4 Sound, their Remedy reclocker for instance does absolutely nothing to the signal. 

i had other DACs in mind
what do you recommend?
i use a Sony ESD707 CDP and
Mac Book Pro and Apple airplay

Also, while you may or not be a spec man, for the cost for >$2000 I’m disappointed by its THD+Noise rating of <0.002%, whereas the $9 Apple USB-C dongle DAC is <0.0012%, the RME ADI-2 DAC is <0.0005%, and the Oppo 205’s DAC is <0.00019%.

The Chord Qutest or Benchmark DAC3 are worth checking out.

Review and Measurements of Wyred4Sound DAC-2v2 SE DAC

Worse than the $120 Topping D30 or $100 Schiit Magni 3.  

Oh, and if you notice, they sell a >$300 power supply as well, and it’s  worse than USB power. It’s clearly obvious now that Wyred doesn’t measure any of their own gear (even Schiit started doing so), so I would not recommend buying anything from them, as that’s 3 products now that are terribly overpriced.