PSB T600 Synchrony - impressions

Have been in the market for some new speakers recently. Happened to drop by my local hifi shop (grateful for them) with the intention of checking out the Paradigm Founders, the Goldenear Reference, and Vandersteen Trios. 

Back in the corner were a pair of lonely PSB speakers looking neglected like the last kid picked in kickball. I asked the nice salesman if he wouldn’t mind plugging them into the Hegel H590 that was driving the rest of the speakers we were auditioning. 

What caught my eye was the Gaia feet, the walnut satin finish, aluminum baffle, and the carbon fiber drivers. I wasn’t expecting anything special, especially after hearing those vandersteens. They sparkle, shine, and image like diamonds and silver over the ocean. Beautiful! 

But wait, PSB started to play and dang it, the bass came in like a freight train. Muscle that the Vandy’s couldn’t match. A neutral mid range, and a titanium tweeter that sounded like a silk dome. 23hz to 20khz and I was smitten. A complete speaker that did nothing wrong and everything well???

I’ve even heard the bookshelf B600’s and I’ve never heard better bass from a monitor before. 

If I’m saying anything, it’s to go out and listen to these PSB synchrony’s. They are a hidden gem amongst many other well known performers. 


Yes, Paul Stanley Barton is a talented speaker designer who has been at it for decades - yet gets little attention! I'd take those Synchrony's any day over the Vandersteen's! Thank you for bringing this to attention here!

Ya know, I always kinda wondered about PSB being related to NAD.  Sometimes it cheaps-out on parts et cetera.  

Appreciate the review ... I will have to take a closer look!!

we are a long time psb dealer the new speakers are amazing and easy to drive and attractive



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Yes PSB is owned by Lenbrook, who owns NAD and bluesound as well. 

I have a NAD M33 on order. Hopefully it’s a good pairing. Talking to the PSB people they said that Mr. Barton voiced the Synchrony using a variety of NAD amps, including the new Purifi models and an old NAD A/B 3020. 

I’ve owned PSB Imagine T3 and T2 speakers. Nothing about them was cheap. I examined the crossover network and was impressed.

The former flagship T3 was a wonderful speaker—so much so that I occasionally think of scooping up a used pair.

I’d expect the new Synchrony flagship to compete nicely in the $5-10k price bracket.

PS. I loved the PSBs with a Primaluna HP integrated. Pairing them with high powered NAD products sounded good but sterile at times.

I purchased the PSB 600i floor standing speakers back around 2002 and ran them for about 10 years and was always impressed with their great sound for an inexpensive speaker so I am sure their upper tier line is fabulous. 

Since you mentioned an interest in the Vandersteen Treo's I have had them for a few years now and am continually impressed with how great they sound. I would highly recommend them but if in a comparison you preferred the PSB's I'd bet you won't be disappointed. They make a great speaker.


Update on things. Ended up returning the M33, it was a wonderful amplifier, with amazing soundstage width, impressive detail and ease of use. However, it lacked slam, presence, or maybe “meatiness”. Even the best Class D cannot compete with the palpability of Class A/B.  

I ended up with a Hegel H390 and holy smokes, locked in what I’m looking for. Sparkly highs, accentuated midrange, bass control, slam and dynamism, air and extension, plus ease of roon integration. 

I would still still recommend a trial of the PSB as a speaker without fault. Linear, near full range, detail, mid range and low end without color or a “personality”. Seems true to the source.  Not sure I could do any better for the price.