PSI Audio AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap Acoustic Absorber???

Hello, Looking to tame an occasionally annoying bass node at about 80hz.
Does anyone have experience with this Swiss device by PSI?

I have been considering other bass absorption traps (tube traps) but location and placement is problematic.

I have stereo REL Carbon Special subs which integrate nicely, yet still boom at a certain spot on some tracks.

I have also played with Roon DSP but not my first choice.

My speakers are YG Hailey 2.2's, with Audionet amps and preamp and Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC.

These units are not inexpensive at $2800 each, and a room my size may need at least 2 or possibly 4 of them, but manufacturer claims way more effective than bass tube traps.

Any experience or thoughts appreciated!

I have a 40 and an 80 Hz mode in my room that I also cannot cure. Did you buy the PSI device and if so, how is it working?

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No I did not buy these.


I did two things:

1) switched the subs to wireless so I could move them around.  Made a big difference getting them outboard of my main speakers and angled towards the front not pointed straight to the rear.  They were booming back off the rear wall.

2) I got a good deal on some corner traps and round traps used put them in offending corners.  It made a huge improvement.  Good Luck


Thanks for the reply. I have moved my 4 subs throughout the room, or at least to the areas Todd Welti has demonstrated as most likely to work, and still have an audible boom. REW corroborates what I hear.  I may pull the trigger.

Very nice system, by the way.

So I was able to walk around my basement with a big bass song and stick my head in various corners.  My basements has a central utility room, so I sit with my back to that but have space to the left and right that goes into the other side of the basement.  It was especially the very rear corner where it boomed the most, as well as other corners some.  The ASC traps really work. You wil se them used from time to time, and a bunch less $ than the PSI unit(s). I bought about 6 of them used.  Placing them in the  corners really helped.  Good luck and great talking!  Let me know how it evolves. Have you tried turning your subs a bit below the 80 hz level? Ken  BTW I bought the mic and REW but never quite conquered it!  Where do you live?