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PSI Audio AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap Acoustic Absorber???
Thanks for the reply. I have moved my 4 subs throughout the room, or at least to the areas Todd Welti has demonstrated as most likely to work, and still have an audible boom. REW corroborates what I hear.  I may pull the trigger. Very nice system... 
PSI Audio AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap Acoustic Absorber???
I have a 40 and an 80 Hz mode in my room that I also cannot cure. Did you buy the PSI device and if so, how is it working?  
What affects front to back depth in room/ system?
I am fortunate to have a relatively large dedicated listening room which allows for proper distances from the walls, This, along with abundant acoustic treatment provides for an immersive experience. I also use a distributed bass array akin to the... 
Go ahead, hang blankets on the side walls. You’ll be amazed.
I was happy with the speakers although I did upgrade the tonearm and the cartridge.  I spent as much on this as I did on the others so I guess I should be dividing this in quarters not thirds.   
Distributed Bass Array Speaker Placement
Went to and looked at Mr. Welti's work. I tried putting all four subwoofers in the corners and found that it had a nasty resonance. Went to another suggested layout with subwoofers on the front and rear walls and moved in a quarter of t... 
Distributed Bass Array Speaker Placement
You are the man! This was exactly what I was hoping to get when I posted here. Thank you so much!  
Distributed Bass Array Speaker Placement
I look forward to his input.  
Distributed Bass Array Speaker Placement
I have Romeyn's DBA and appreciate what you suggest.  To rephrase my question, how important is time delay in the placement of a subwoofer system? Many suggest it's very important and many of these same folks use DSP to accomplish it. I cannot do... 
Full range stand mounted speakers
Wilson-Benesch Endeavour.  Only $50K...  
Best Full-Function Preamplifier
Preowned Vinnie Rossie L2 Signature with DAC and phono modules. $11K perhaps?  
Nuclues plus bricked
I’m just glad I did not get sucked into their lifetime subscription.    
Nuclues plus bricked
Ironically, it just started cutting out as I wrote the above passage.  
Nuclues plus bricked
My nucleus plus has died twice. First time they replaced the motherboard, second time they replaced everything except the chassis. Even with entirely new innards, they would only give it a 90 day warranty which indicates how much confidence they h... 
Roon support or lack thereof, Part 2
I don’t think bringing this to the attention of Audiogoners is petty. If I was aware of this issue, I would never have bought it. Again, caveat emptor.  
Roon Support, or lack thereof
I was hoping this was a software issue and thought I would deal directly with the device experts to try to troubleshoot the problem. After It was apparent that it was a hardware problem I finally contacted him since the folks at Roon appeared to b...