Psvane Reference versus Genalex Reissue 12ax7?

Has anyone tried the comparisonin a linestage or amp? Any thoughts?
Hi Paul,

Take my word on this one, neither of the tubes you mention come close to the sonic performance/beauty of the 12AX7 equivalent 5751 NOS tubes. They are really quite reasonable priced and have replaced in my system my very expensive NOS 12AX7's in my DAC. I would recommend you try the Sylvania Gold Brand Gold Pin, the most expensive, or for less then a 100 dollars a pair the RCA Black Plate Triple Mica's or at very low prices the GE Black Plate Triple Mica's. There many for sell here on the GON and beat the pants off sonicly either tube you want information about.
I believe you and think you are right, but the 5751 is not recommended as a substitute in the RM10 amplifier's circuit. I tried the very 5751s you recommend in my CAT JL2 and loved them, especially the fact that it reduced the gain as the amp was awfully "hot" with its companion preamp.
I am trying Psvannes as input/driver tubes in a Mesa Baron amp, and like them enough to not feel the need to spend $800 more on 4 NOS tubes. A phono stage would be a different story.