purchased the firebird on deutsche grammophon

what a great recording ,recorded in 4D audio recording technique.is there anymore that you guys can recomend in this format and on this label
Hello there is also a Holst the planets, with Gardiner conducting the Philharmonia orchestra.
4D is DG's name for their improved digital recording process which they began using about 1992 (it's standard redbook CD). I used to think their sound was generally pretty mediocre, but since about 1992 it's gotten a whole lot better. Just about any of the Boulez-conducted recordings, especially the ones with Chicago and Cleveland, are excellent musically and sonically. I especially like the Ravel piano concertos with Boulez and Zimerman--a great recording.
Alpass, I'm assuming that it's the Boulez recording on DG that you have and like so much, right? If so, I can recommend the Boulez/Cleveland Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps) and Petrouchka on DG, recorded in 1991. The sound is fine and the performances are excellent. As for intense, The Rite of Spring would win the prize for the most intense of the three great Stravinsky ballets (which is what we're talking about here). It's also the last, most original, and greatest of the three.