Pure Music 1.88a

For anyone interested, Channel D has just released an upgrade for Pure Music. They have also announced another future upgrade (ver. 1.9), with an expected release of mid-December.

My initial impression is that 1.88a is a sonic improvement over 1.86.
I just did download it myself - Not sure I hear any difference but will know more after my new DAC arrives tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.
Can anybody assist with the steps for the upgrade procedure? I don't find their explanation very clear on the PM user manual.
Since you already have PM, just download from the Channel D site. Your code will transfer automatically.

You can also go to Pure Music > About Pure Music and it should ask if you want to DL the latest version.

Once you do that, delete the PM Icon from the desktop and the PM PDF of the directions so you don't get confused on version history.

Then open the download (Finder > Pure Music 1.88) and drag the PDF to the desktop and the Pure Music icon back to the desktop.

Open from the icon as you normally do and click on Pure Music > About Pure Music and check the version. It should read 1.88.
Download. Open the download. Drag the PM icon into your Applications folder. Answer yes to replace. Open PM. Hit play. Enjoy.
Anyone using 1.88a have an issue with memory play? Since downloading 1.88a as well as the latest version of itunes, when I attempt to launch playback with memory play, it freezes and locks up at "loading tracks into memory".
Thank you. Mine is set to auto check for upgrades but obviously, there are some bugs, including the issue running 1.88a w/ iTunes 11
Yes, that's why you need to upgrade to 1.88d4 like I posted above. The issues are solved then.
It will not auto update to 1.89d4. Not everyone has updated iTunes to 11 or 11.1. Make sure you have 11.1 though and your issues will be solved.
I am still having problems with 1.89d4. This update corrected some of my memory play problems, but it will still not correctly play gapless tracks. The proposed work around (use "song" mode) is not feasible. Has anyone else figure out a workaround until Channel D fixes this problem?

My iTunes is 11.01, and when I checked that was claimed to be the current version. Is it 11.01 or 11.1?

Even 1.89d4 with 11.01 doesn't seem to run reliably, at least for me it crashes or freezes way too often, and sometimes doesn't want to play music at all, where 1.88 with the last 10.x version of iTunes was working seamlessly.
MacMini (mid2010) with abundant RAM, running OS 10.8.2, and nothing else... Desperately waiting for PM 1.9, in hopes that that fixes the issue and brings back normal operation and functionality...Or iTunes 11.1, or whatever it takes. If you haven't upgraded to iTunes 11, wait a bit longer.
I first learned about Pure Music at the T.H.E. Newport Show this past summer. Of all the exhibitors, their room was the one I kept coming back to. I downloaded the demo software a few days later, and bought the full package shortly thereafter. It worked great for a while, until I downloaded some Apple OS upgrades. The entire playback system has been a disaster ever since. I’ve downloaded all of the upgrades that have been recommended, but bottom line, none of them work.

Sadly, this whole upgrade to iTunes 11 problem has been a real downer. Not only did I hear nothing from Channel D about it, but all of my inquiries and posts to their support site have been unanswered.

I know how hard it is to run a small company offering nothing but boutique products, but you think they’d do a better job of managing the integration with iTune upgrades (especially when your flag ship product is an iTunes add-on).
Just upgraded to Puremusic 1.89a that recently was posted on Channel D's
site. So far integration with iTune 11.01 seems perfect. Sounds really good.
Looks like the problems with iTunes 11 are fixed.