PurePower new plus range regenerators any good?

Anyone own or have auditioned the new Pure power Plus regenerators?. I've owned their old 1050 model and while it was good, it wasn't great IMO. I have been using a Synergistic research Powercell 10SE MK-2 so would like to use a regenerator again for perfect mains.

Thanks in advance.

Not sounding great. All regenerators or passive conditioners sounds different so that's what I meant.
What I meant to reference was a comparison with the earlier generation of Purepower products. Sure, there are differences in efficiency and load ratings, but regenerated power is regenerated power, or am I missing something?
II do have the new 2000 + and while it's better than many conditioners I've owed in the past I have no idea how it compares to the original.

(dealer disclaimer)
Flashunlock, I have the same PP you have and I'm considering one of the SR Powercell 4's. What don't you like about the sound of your system with the Powercell in place?

The Powercell sounds great. It was a very long time ago when I owned the PP 1050 and the UK distributor told me that the new plus range sounds much better than the old. I have to buy the unit blind because I use US recepticals and mains cables so he cannot offer me a demo.


Different design and how the clean power is regenerated just like amplifiers be it class A or Class AB etc, they all sound different.