Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ actual availability???

Does anyone know where things stand with actual Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ unit availability (Canadian company)? None of the authorized sources I checked with who actually responded seem to have them, nor have they been given any reliable answer as to when things will ship. Apparently quite a few promised ship dates have been made and have been missed over the past few months based upon the information given.

The plus-generation of these units have several features that I really want in my system as an upgrade to my existing unit. It would be good if they are making the units and are shipping them out to be purchased.

Have any of you been able to purchase one of these new units from the Canada-based Purepower and do you have it in your system? If so, how do you like it?

I am aware of the problems with the 'other PP' company and the schism between the two earlier in 2012, and do not need any info on that.
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The UK distributor is also waiting for his odered stock which by the way has been delayed as well and with no replies to his E-mails from the factory. I'm waiting to audition a 2000+ and if it sounds any good, I will buy a 3000+ but looks like PP is not as efficent as hoped. One has to also think about if they are going to be around if there are warranty issues.
I have been waiting for well over a month for an audition so if things don't move quicker then I'll move on from even thinking about their product.

Yes the + models are shipping and I've had mine for about 5 months. Unfortunately my own unit was just sent back, seems it wasn't accepting a charge from the battery pack a very minor issue and quick fix I'm told.
Send me an e-mail for any info.


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Thank you Sksos1; it would be great to know someone has been able to get a hold of one of these units...how do you like it realizing dealer disclaimer does apply? How does it compare to the 2000 (prior generation) unit?
Zephyr, I do like it VERY much and have compared it to Sound Application Linestage. The PP 2000+ was cleaner and more musical. Have not compared it directly with their older version but have had an older version in my system which is why I bought the 2000+.
I was in contact today with PP and they tell me they are shipping 2000+ and 3000+ units within 5 days of receiving orders, all good news.

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I can assure you the new Plus models are shipping every day - and they are performing exactly as advertised.

It is true our production has been hard pressed to meet demand - and there have been some delays. We can only apologize to those customers we couldn't supply quickly - but new orders now have reasonable lead times.

We anticipate a significant availability improvement in December as production efficiencies are instituted and we move closer to our design capacity.
Purepower,...thank you for the clarification. There seems to be a dealer advertising on the West Coast of the US who has been able to get them regularly but I believe in dealer loyalty and am waiting along with my dealer to see and hear this unit so that I can buy from him. We are told the unit should be arriving soon so I am very happily looking forward to that delivery! I am glad to hear that production levels have been approved and that availability will be resolved.
Just be aware of all of the negative postings about poor repair service and communications.
I'm waiting to hear from my dealer who had an issue with his store demo unit, it's been sent back for repair and he tells me it should be a short turnaround time, will see and then I'll decide. Even so it is making me think twice if I should consider a PP unit, it will have to be that much better than the competition.
Just heads up for your guys... the UK distributor's promised shipped unit has been again delayed.
I'll give them 1 more week and then will move on. It is sad that the unit should be great sounding but I'll never do business with those that don't keep to their words.
I've been looking at these too and spoke to one of the owners a few months back. He mentioned that they plan to add the ability to switch from wall power to battery power using a remote in the next version. I'm waiting for this and will probably jump in then. In the current version, you need to unplug from the wall to go to battery, which for my set up is a pain in the neck.
Bigamp that is not true. You can go from wall to battery by turning a circuit beaker off on the back of the unit.
Its strange that I hear no difference going from wall to battery but do hear a significant difference changing power cords! I find using a PAD Canorus is the perfect match......

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I would not think you would hear any difference going from wall to battery by unplugging the unit or by throwing that breaker as all the power that is used 100% of the time for your equipment is flowing out of the battery pack at all times...
I don't have a finite explanation to be quite honest though I've heard a hell of a difference on my entire system just moving up to a SOTA power cord on the unit. I started out with this very skeptical given the nature of the PP re-generating power into battery packs but was proven very wrong once the SOTA cord was in my system.
Update....PP sent a tracking number for a 2000+ shipment that shows it is on its way across the Canadian border this week on its way to my dealer where I'll be able to hear it setup for demo. Apparently these are starting to flow. I'll report back with what I hear but am looking forward to it very much!
Zephyr, there are small differences going from battery to ac plus battery.
IMS, pure battery has a blacker background but dynamics are lessened slightly.
Thanks Snopro....I will have to do some more testing! I am expecting a Purepower 2000+ in my hands for demo in about a week; it is arriving at my dealer on Monday night but my first chance to make the drive to pick it up will be the following week. I'll you know what I hear....
2000+ went into the system and got charged up this morning. As soon as it was warmed up and at 100% battery, I turned on my equipment. Unfortunately with nothing playing and 0 volume (off) on my pre-amp, the sound of bees buzzing and medium-level hum was coming out of my speakers. Did some elimination testing and as soon as amp was not on as a path to my speakers, the buzzing disappeared. Took the unit out, put in my old 2000 unit and everything was fine. Put the 2000+ back in and the buzzing and humming returned. I have taken the 2000+ out and am back running through my 2000 with the usual fantastic results.

Something may have happened in shipping to the unit though there was not visible marks of any kind on the box. My dealer is taking this up and I am hopeful it will get resolved.
Purepower has already been in touch with me and said they will resolve the issue ASAP for me. I really like what they did with the form factor and case work for the units. They look great and are easier to deal with in a wider variety of audio racks. The shipping carton & packaging are also much improved, so assuming this can all be resolved I'd be very happy to have a 2000+ unit back in the system again to test and ultimately add permanently to the system.
I have a 1500+ and a 2000+. The results are amazing. They take my system back to the days before all the gremlins started polluting and affecting reproduced music playback. That's the best way I can put it. And I would not live without at least one of these units in my system. By the way, they make a huge difference on video as well. I too have experienced the drastic differences power cords make with the Pure Power units, and it is a mystery to me as well.

Regarding Ozzy's comment about repair service and communication: I needed to return the 2000+ because the fan was too loud. It was fixed and now works (is relatively quiet) just like the 1500+. The turnaround time was exemplary.

What I will say, though, is that communication is sometimes very poor from Pure Power: erroneous information (e.g., original shipping date was delayed a very long time, apparently due to disregard or awareness of what was reasonable - it turned out the promised shipping date was far too optimistic, given steps that needed to be completed first);long periods of time not getting responses; emails back and forth (unnecessarily) because my question was either not read carefully or (apparently) understood (or for some other, unknown reason)...etc. Although I don't really know, I suspect at least part of the communication problem stems from the fact the company is very small (two people?), and the product is so good and in demand. And, of course, this is certainly not an unusual thing in high-end audio! :)

In the end: GREAT product that took my system to (back!) another, much higher, level. Just remember that power cords do make a difference! (and the connection - power input - at the unit is 20 amp)
Hi Jfz,
What power cords have you powered the 2000 with and what has been the outcome?
Thanks, Steve
Hi Steve,
I'm using Elrod power cords. An EPS 3 on one, and a Statement Gold on another. The latter is clearly better, but I don't have the money to buy another one. Both sound much, much better than the stock cord.
I am using an Elrod Statement Gold (latest generation) 20-amp on my existing Purepower 2000 (bought as demo stock, unit is 2 years old) and the results are a dramatic improvement over the stock power cord!
I have used a PP 2000 for 3-4 years. It is a vital part of my audio system. My system is just not as good without it. It is much better than the Hydra. I use a Verastarr Grand Illusion HC which was superior to a Shunyata Python CX. Anyone compared the 2000 to the 2000+ yet?
I'm using a PAD 20th Anniversary cord but unfortunately since receiving my 2000+ back I get a hum thru the speakers when my analog is plugged into it so can not listen to the PP. PP is looking into why this is happening now but wasn't originally and does not happen with digital.
I will be able to compare the 2000+ directly to the 2000 in my room as soon as the 2000+ I had to send back that produced the buzzing and humming has its design/build issue remedied or a new unit sent to me. I'm eager to have the 2000+ in my system given its improved power correction, separate battery unit, etc...
Received my unit back and working great BUT with analog I get a hum out of the speakers. Digital is dead quiet and plugging the phono stage into the wall all is fine. The PP guys are trying to figure out if there's some sort of ground loop problem.
(Anyone want to buy a new 2000+ cheap if I can't get this to work with my analog?)
Man PurePower Canada can't catch a break. When was the last time I read a positive forum post on these folks?
Phono is not grounded separately. I've tried a cheater plug on the phono and still get the hum, I can plug the phono straight into a Purist Audio conditioner or the wall as is and the hum goes away. Plug the phono into the PP and get a loud hum.
You might try one of the cheater plugs with the ground wire and attach the ground wire to the PP chassis screws. The PP is such a great piece, it would be a shame to not be able to get around this. Hope this helps.
The problem sounds like it is inside the 2000+ unit and not inside any of our systems. I tend to take a very simple approach to things....system before new unit arrived had no issues for multiple years with no hum/buzzing/ground loop issues, and after the new unit was up and running the hum and buzzing problems manifested themselves; removing the new unit removes the problem. This sounds very straightforward to me and should not imply we need to run our system with 50 cent cheater plugs and/or other unnatural gymnastics while spending good money to do so on the units with the issues :-)
Zephyr agree! I know it's not my phono stage or turntable b/c using 2 different conditioners all is fine, plug digital into the PP 2000 + all is fine, plug either the TT or phono stage into the PP and you get a hum out of the speakers. Unplug the TT and or phono stage and plug them directly into the wall all is fine. PP to date has not come back with a solution. If you own just digital this will be a great unit, anyone want one at a good price?
Rdoc I now have tried using a cheater plug with ground wire and attaching the ground wire to any part of the PP chassis does nothing (except cause more hum and a scratching sound) BUT when I touch the wire to another chassis (phono chassis or my Purist Conditioners chassis) the hum stops. There's something wrong with the PP grounding scheme. Again it's OK with didital so anyone want it for cheap $$?
I would buy it if I did not already have a PP2000 model. If the PP2000+ makes as much improvement to your system as the 2000 did in mine, I would look into the analog system grounding. I would not want to be without my PurePower.
Rdoc I've done extensive different grounding schemes for the analog and nothing has worked so currently using analog into a Purist Audio conditioner which goes into the PP and everything else into the PP2000+.
The holidays and needed time off are likely injecting some time delay on Sksos and I getting resolution for our units. PP has been responsive and promises resolution as soon as possible...
Just an update...after not receiving timely responses from PP I did sell my unit, wish I could have figured the hum out but like Zephyr he too couldn't get the buzzing to stop. Maybe it isn't PP fault but there is no other explanation. My quest is on for another conditioner.
I am sorry to hear you did not get timely responses, Sksos1. As people may know, this was a major problem for me - for a long time. It is very, very sad, as I like the Pure Power people; and the units I have are far superior to anything else I have ever tried. I feel very grateful that mine work fine and help me enjoy music (and video) so much.
All it would take for a purchase of a PP 2000+ or 3000+ unit to occur is for PP to respond and provide a unit that they've made improvements to the design of and that does not have the buzzing and humming emanating from the speakers of the otherwise perfectly functioning system (before introduction of 2000+) that the 2000+ was inserted into. At this point, it's been several weeks and I've received no update so I am hopeful that I'll hear something worthy of action soon...
And as these stories about PP continue to accumulate, the potential sales and resale price of these units will just go down, down, down.
I am extremely happy with my PP 2000 for the last 2+ years; some manufacturers do go through tough times. The measure is how they handle them and recover. If they can figure this out and get + units out that work as well as the prior generation for everyone regardless of a system being all-analog, all-digital, etc...people will see this. I'll hold out for a 2000+ that works well for me as I'd like to see that upgrade in my system occur sometime this year; the sooner the better of course :-)
I'm a former PurePower dealer who got caught in the middle of the dispute between the Canadians and their OEM in Taiwan. This is an object lesson on how NOT to manage your brand. Just hoping to sell my last remaining unit of PurePower 2000 (which is listed on Audiogon) at dealer cost and then be done with both firms!