Purify 1et400a vs 1et7040sa vs 500 Nilai

Good morning,

I Need some advice on which amp to mate with the NAD C3 99. Originally was going to go for either the NAD M33/23. However, I ran across these amplifiers and It seems like they would be much more cost-effective. I plan on using one of these for two channel, listening. Not going with Mono as I like the sound of stereo better.

Also, I know that OPA 1612 has been raved about. wondering if a 1656 or 994 sonic imagery would be better. I don’’t know much about the PS 500 DIY power supply for the Nalai.

So I guess what I’m asking is which one would you go with and why? I will be using the revel M106 and possibly the revel of 206 as well.





...."Not going with Mono as I like the sound of stereo better."...

You do realiize that for stereo one could use two Mono amps?

to be honest, I didn’t, until I spoke to a dealer at deer Creek audio. I think I may end up going for the dual mono blocks. The dealer said he could give me 5% off an open box on just the stereo which I may do as well.