Puritan 156 Power Cord

I like the Puritan 156 a lot and wondered if any users have tried cords other than the Puritan models to feed it? Anyone done any experimenting and have opinions?


What made you choose the Puritan vs the competitors and what claims are made for using their own power cords? When I purchased my Shunyata conditioner, the sales person argued that their power NR power cords were designed to work with their conditioner. Maybe this isn’t true, but I went with it.

Why did you choose their conditioner and now that you have it what makes you like it “ a lot”? What cables are you using now and if you like it, why change power cables?

Well, let's see. I'll take these questions one at a time. I have actually tried several of the typical "competitors," including the Inakustik and the Shunyata Everest, which I thought was impressive but also a huge investment. In fact, I went with a full loom of Shunyatas and ultimately decided that they were not quite to my taste.

There are quite a few longtime members here I have known for years who have the Puritan and have spoken very highly of it. Over the years, I have come to put much more stock in that than anything a reviewer or dealer says, which is not to say that there dealers or reviewers are inherently trustworthy. 

The Puritan is excellent, very natural with a low noise floor. After I got the Everest, I was initially thrilled with it. I remember telling a friend of mine that it was like my entire system was "on steroids" with the Everest. The Puritan, for me, is more natural. I want to be more excited by the music than by my gear, if you know what I mean. 

Your last question is, of course, the bane of of our audiophile lives, isn't it? We try new things because there is something we might prefer,and sometimes it might be a surprise. For instance, I recently tried a Clarity Vortex power cord and found it more satisfying than cords I have spent three times more money on. I love it when that happens.

Thus, the question in the original post. I'm interested in other people's experiences, which may or may not end up aligning with my own. Another factor that not many people like to admit is that we just like trying new things, and the dopamine rush of waiting for the UPS or FedEx trucks to arrive with them. Without a doubt, that's part of the equation, too.



In my experience with Puritan 156, I have tried both of Puritan cords. The OE cord and then the upgraded Ultimate cord and it was a noticeable improvement however, all my after market cords surpassed them both- some in dynamic, some in musicality, some in both categories.

My aftermarket cords are Sablon, Gran Corona, PS Audio AC12, Verastarr Statement Silver, Virtual Dynamic and lastly the affordable Ice Age Cables 10awg silver and Ice Age Cables 10-awg copper.

Puritan156 is an amazing power conditioner. The best one I have ever had.

Shunyatas and ultimately decided that they were not quite to my taste.

Found the same thing and then heard some Audiomica Labs cords and now I just enjoy the music and "try" forgetting about gear. 

@ waltersalas

I have had very good success with OCC Copper and it’s my preferred cabling; recommend 10-12 AWG. I’m currently using Clarus Audio Crimson HC PC which are a whopping 8 AWG and a wonderful sounding cable.

The Puritan PSM 156 is amazing and has elevated my system...

The Majestic MKII OCC Power Cable 12AWG - ZavfinoUSA

Prima OCC MKII AC Power Cable - ZavfinoUSA

Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM 136 (audiocircle.com)


Chris is building a 20A cord for my Puritan PSM 156.  Furutech DPS 4.1 cord stock, with Fl-50 MNCF and FI-52 NCF connectors.  His picks after I stated my desire for a no-holds-barred cable.  We'll see how it goes.   Should be epic.

Excellent suggestions! I have a friend who is a big fan the Furutech DPS 4.1, which he prefers to the Audioquest Dragon. Please let us know how that works on the Puritan PSM 156.

One thing I do know is the stock entry level cable supplied is not very good. I had Bob Grost  ( Cerious) make one for me and it was a huge upgrade. 

Well, it's here.  The Chris Romeo built Furutech DPS 4.1 with matching Furutech connectors referenced above and it's freaky good.  It replaces the stock Puritan PSM 156 cable.  The performance annihilates the stock cable in all facets of speed, dynamics, soundstage and blackness.

Frankly, I was expecting better, but not to this magnitude.  As I peer down the rabbit hole, I'm considering the insanity of replacing my entire Zavfino Prima loom.  Make it STOP!  Huey Lewis was right, "I Need a New Drug".

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