Puritan PSM 136 vs Shunyata Denali V2

Hello all,

I'm looking to tweak my system and would appreciate any insights as to who has heard both and your impressions. I currently own the 136. I know there is a significant price difference, but the Puritan plays above its weight. I'm open to any suggestions. Additionally, is it necessary that the Shunyata be powered with Shunyata PCs?


I’ve not done any research on Puritan products but the few things I’ve read have been very positive, and obviously Shunyata has their own following for good reason.  As with everything in audio it ultimately comes down to personal taste and system synergy, so I’d just submit it might be worth looking into other highly-regarded conditioners from the likes of Audience, AudioQuest, Core Power (Underwood hifi), etc. if you haven’t already to see if they offer sound characteristics that sound good to you.  Just FWIW, which may not be much.

I have had both.  In fact, I sold my Puritan (which was very good for the price and far better than the Nordost that I owned initially ) for the Denali.  The Shunyata provided a lower noise floor (indeed silent), clearer, more articulate, tighter bass, more separation of instruments and a larger soundstage (especially in depth). Tonal/timbre of instruments was better.  Note that I was using the top of the line Puritan power cord with the puritan and a Shunyata Sigma power cord with the Denali.  Separately I compared the two power cords and the Shunyata was clearly (pun intended) better. Of course, the Denali is several times the price of the Puritan but you do "get what you pay for."

The Denali with the Sigma power cord (both often found used) definitely will increase the detail and improve the tonal quality of your system.

Incidentally, run ground wires from components to the Denali or get the Altaire grounding system... it does help.

Has anyone compared the Puritan psm 156 to the Audioquest niagra 5000 or 7000?