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Aurender Model Choices
@soix  +1 Spending $12K on a streamer is a waste of resources on that level of a system unless you upgrade everything (plan on spending $75K). Streamers do not contribute as much to the sound as a good DAC.  I would much rather have a $2K strea... 
Seeking Opinions on Nordost Cables
@uavnola  I purchased a pair of Valhalla 2 XLRs from my source (DAC) into my preamp. I have an all-McIntosh system, excluding my external DAC. McIntosh has beautiful bass/midrange but lacks a little sparkle on top.  Upon inserting the Valhallas,... 
Best cable placement
From my source (DAC) into my preamp has made the most significant improvement by far. What is lost from the source can't be made up elsewhere.   
InnuOS Sense 2.6.0.
Just upgraded my Pulse to 2.6, no audible difference in my system.   
Luxman leaves me wanting
@steverrino  I had the same problem! I tried to power a pair of KEF Reference 1 Metas with a 590AXII. I had absolutely no bass and a terrible midrange. It was so bad, I thought the integrated was broken. I brought it to the nearest dealer, and we... 
New to the B&W 801D4
@audiozink  I auditioned the D4s powered by a Luxman D10X—glorious sound, detailed but not overly analytical. Vocals were warm and eerily lifelike. I'm unsure of your listening levels, but your room is the size of a basketball court! B&W need... 
Good measuring DACs vs.
@ellajeanelle  ++1  
Good measuring DACs vs.
Advertising dollars tend to make things sound better than they actually are. 😁  
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
@runwell  I do agree that we all hear things differently. McIntosh's house sound has undoubtedly changed over the years for the better. However, to qualify McIntosh as "not hifi" is a little BS. I auditioned many products before buying my system ... 
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
@roxy54  +1 @runwell  Not sure if you have heard new McIntosh components. You may be echoing the old McIntosh sound. I have a pair of MC611s and a C2700. It is one of the most musical combinations I have heard in many years. I would compare the... 
Streaming DAC recommendation
@lnitm  +1 @audiobuddy  There is a synergy between McIntosh components, and removing the C2600 may be detrimental. Also, as recommended by some members, the Bricasti and Meitner are fine components, and I doubt that the Cambridge will surpass t... 
@ranchman66  The McIntosh MC 611s will drive anything. I have a pair driving the challenging load that a KEF Ref1 Meta presents. Also, the Focals can be a little bright sounding, and the Macs will warm them up a bit and make them sing. If you li... 
Speaker for 11x12 room
KEF LS 50Metas. Will fill that room with jaw-dropping bass!  
I’m looking for an sleek integrated amp under $15k
McIntosh MA12000.  
Should I update my manufactures power cords?
@farne230  I have a pair of 611s and a C2700. I found the most significant gains in my system were from the PC and interconnects connected to my DAC. I am powering my DAC with AQ Dragon and the monoblocks with AQ Hurricane. The C2700 is being fed...