Puritan PSM156

Hello All,

 I came across this product while searching Power Conditioners. Puritan PSM156.

 Does anyone have one, or, does anyone know anything about it, and how it would stand up to or even better the more popular and well known brands?
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I also prefer my amps (which would include active ATC speakers and studio monitors) plugged into my PSM156s (three stereos and one recording studio).

What really stands out for me is the improved quality of my studio recordings.

I have ordered the PSM 156, with a couple of months to save for it. Really looking forward to having it in my system.

Chose the 156 over the 136 as I'll have my amp, DDC, Dac, network switch, and streamer plugged in.

Also looking forward to my amp hum disappearing.

Can someone explain how the "non-sacrificial gas surge protection" works on the Puritan PSM 156?

If there is a surge, does it shut your components down. Then what happens?

Also, what is the small black button located near the power cord inlet used for.

Thanks for the information.

anyone gone from psm156 to niagara 3000/5000? I've read differing opinions; some prefer the Puritan whereas others say the Puritan makes music sound thin/bright and prefer the niagara 5000. I'm currently using Lab12 Gordian and Niagara 1200, both of which I quite like, but am curious of the benefits/bump in sq of going to Puritan or 5000.