Qobuz Finally Offers Family Plan

Finally!  I underscored this omission in their offerings every time they asked me to take a survey.  This will allow me to drop Tidal altogether now so I can move my kids into the Qobuz platform which better meets my musical needs (library and sound quality).

Good for you and many others who have been on fence to make a switch. Qobuz offers higher and much more diverse catalog than Tidal, IMO. 

Did Qobuz start offering student and Military discounts yet? 
I agree with @lalitk that Qobuz offers a higher and much more diverse catalog than Tidal. Their Hi-Res albums are great sounding and I really enjoy their 500+ playlists.

I did a search on TIDAL Military and Student discounts and found the following:

"TIDAL: Student, Military, and First Responder Discounts. Students are eligible for a 50% student discount from TIDAL on their streaming music services. ... Get a 40% military or first responder discount on their Premium or Hi-Fi service, and start listening to all your favorite songs, ad-free".


I also searched on QoBuz and, it seems, they offer no student or military discounts. I will email them and ask. Please stay tuned.

I sent an email to Qobuz Customer support asking "Does Qobuz have any plans to offer student and Military discounts?".  Now we wait for their response.   
@lalitk, Qobuz Customer Service reports "There is no military or student discount at this time but it is being considered for Fall 2020".  
Yes.  It is on the link above. See:

Studio Premier FAMILY  $24.99 /month or 269.99/year. 

I pay for Qobuz and Apple Music. I’m thinking of adding the family plan on Qobuz so my son can use it. My wife and daughter will not use Qobuz. Does anyone think that Apple Music will offer hi res music. As of now they think AAC is all that is necessary