Dear all I have limited funds to buy the QSA fuses can only buy one of blue, yellow and violet, in what order should I use them if I want to use one in linear power supply one for dac and one for amp. 

Using in which order will get the best performance.


Check out the Swiss fuse box as well it is getting great testimonials.  That’s my next step.  I would prioritize Amp, Dac then LPS.  I use the QSA yellow in my amp and Dac. The Violet seems too pricey with better choices from SR and the Swiss fuse box.  Good luck with it all.  Tom

+1 Fuse Box.

Had a QSA violet In my EAR 868 preamp, which was a nice upgrade. 

Fuse Box takes my system to another level.

Fuse Box is imo one of the best tweaks/ values available today. 

I agree the Fuse Box is awesome! It replaces the fuse and protects your equipment. I have 2 of them in my system.


I am a big QSA fan.  I would forget the LPS.  Put the best one you can afford in the Dac followed by the amp.  Another suggestion is to go with a QSA Jitter plug.  I had great results with a used crystal silver QSA Jitter plug that I used at the end of my Inakustic 3500 Power Conditioner 

I’ll eventually try QSA products based on Stereotimes and other rave reviews.
@willgolf thanks for posting about the QSA Jitter plug - using before the conditioner makes since, not sure if my balanced power EquiTech would benefit