Quad 2805 Toe In Experience?

I am just breaking in my new pair of 2805's. I have never had Quads or any electrostats before...always dynamic driver speakers. While they only have about 20 hours on them, I think they are going to be excellent...everything I hoped for!

They are about 4.5' out from the front wall, about 10' apart (from speaker centers) and about 9' from speaker to listening seat. My listening room is 16' X 13' with a 9' ceiling. The speakers are about 1.5' from each side wall and there is diffusion on the side walls and behind the listening seat.

My question is how much should I toe them in? I am looking for the right balance of image specificity and soundstage width. Right now they are toed in about 1/2 way between firing straight ahead and directly pointing at the listening position.

I plan to do much more experimenting. But before I install the spikes, I would greatly appreciate learning from others experience with Quads.


I listened to my Quads (63's) about 5 degrees off axis, i.e. axis crossing behind the head. My set up distances were very similar to yours except I was a about a foot further back (in a longer room). Don't forget with Quads diffusion on the wall behind the speaker to handle the back wave properly is very important. Less so on the side wall 1st reflection points.
hi dave, what kind of speakers cable are you using? i'm planing to buy the same speakers. thanks
I am using Mapleshade Double Helix Plus speaker cables. While I have not done a lot of experimenting with speaker wires, I much prefer the Mapleshade wires to my Nordost Blue Heaven wires in terms of initial attack and overall tonal quality and balance. So far, they sound great together, but the speakers only have about 40 hours on them.

Let us know what you end up with and how it all comes together. What amplification are you planning to use?

Hi Dave. My pair of Quad 2905s are about 2 months old in a room of almost similar dimensions. The ultimate positioning and toe in, will IMHO require a bit of to and fro experimentation until you are completely satisfied. I've yet to settle on the optimum placement. I have spiked my Quads and placed them on a 1" granite base which is easy to manoeuvre on a hardwood floor. If you you have a carpet floor you can achieve the same result with a 1 1/2" thick wooden board.
Currently, the 2905s are toed in about 10 degrees. The centres of the speakers intersect about 2 ft. behind the listening position. What I am unable to figure out is the optimum distance from the front wall. The more the better will not work coz of furniture and other limitations.
What amplification and source are you using ?
Sunnyboy 1956
Hi Sunnyboy,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I actually think I am settling in on the speakers toed in so that they would intersect about 2-3 feet behind my seat, similar to you.

For amplification, I am using a highly modified Rogue Cronus from Mark O'Brien at Rogue Audio. It is EL34 based and about 30 wpc in triode. I have had some much more expensive tube and SS gear in the past, but this is one of the best amps I have owned. From what I have read, the EL34 tube is a great match with Quads. I also have an EL84 based Scott 222c from Mapleshade, but have not yet tried it with the Quads.

What amp are you using?

I am using a pair of Lyrita audio mono blocs. They are made by a friend in New Delhi, India, where I live. You have probably not heard of them. They use a pair of EL34s. Check them out at www.lyrita-audio.in/ I have ordered thru the Indian dealer a Conrad Johnson CT 5 pre and a CJ L70s. Have read great reviews of the CT5 but the power amp is a new iteration /design of the Premier 140. Just hope the combo works. The lyrita mono blocs sound great but at less than 50wpc into 8 ohms, they lack the juice to drive the Quads.
Best of luck.
Hi dave ,sunnyboy1956
I also have a plan to buy Quad2805 or 2905.My amps are Antique Sound Lab Herricane (200 watt monoblock of KT88)and my room size is 13'x 20'with 10'ceiling.Actually I would like to buy Quad2905 but I am worry about my room ,may be too small for 2905,what are your idea ? and I should go for 2805 or not ?
Hi Papak

I have not heard the 2905. For me, once I heard the 2805 it was all over!

There are several reviews of the 2905 including 6 Moons and one by Ken Kessler. If I remember correctly, in both cases they warn of the need for plenty of room for the 2905 to breathe. Your room is pretty good size, so they could work well. YOu might also ask your dealer about room size questions or you could call the importer (not sure who that is.)

I am getting excellent bass with my 2805 in my smaller room, partly due to how I have the speakers set up and where my listening chair is positioned. I can't imagine needing any more speaker for my size room.

Good luck with your decision making.

I used to borrow Quad ESL 988 from my friend to try in my room for a few days.I didn't get good low freguency. Anyone who have a room at the same size or smaller than me and using Quad ESL2905 without a problem from room's size,please advice. Thanks
Hi Papak,
My dealer demoed the 2905s in a room that was less than 14'wide. My listening room is also 14'wide and I am getting solid LFE, not in the Wilson Audio sense, but still deeply satisfying. IMHO its the distance from the front wall that is really important. With a room length of 20' I reckon you should be more than ok. Before you take the plunge, check with your dealer as suggested by Dave.
The Quads are sensitive to being fed too many watts.They actually discourage amps in excess of 100 wpc. You can go upto 150 wpc but caution is urged in the Quad manual.
Njoy the journey.
PS. These are outstanding speakers
Hi Tricon dave , Sunnyboy
Appreciate for your nice comment.I think I will go for 2905 soon.
Have a fun with your system.