Quad 63 ESL buzzing & hissing!!

Hi all, Just recieved a pair of ESL 63's and upon plugging them in (charging panels) the left speaker started buzzing & hissing and making noise. Then about 20 minutes later the right started doing the same thing. I then hooked up the speaker wires just to see if they worked, whick they did, and sounded ok through the hissing & buzzing. I had a friend who is a electrical engineer at Motorola come and listen, and he said right away "voltage leak". Is there any way to self repair this without having to send them back to QS&D?? Also could something like this happen in shipping to both speakers?? The fellow I bought them from said they were fine when they left, and I trust him, that's not a problem BUT just seems weird that BOTH speakers would pooch out with the same problem. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance, Bob
You might try emailing Nick Gowan, gowan@tsound.com, who might be able/willing to advise. He knows these speakers inside out, since he does a very major upgrade (changing 62' of internal wire, among many other things) on them. He's in northern CA, if that's closer than your other repair option.

For the benefit of other quad owners I thought I'd post an update here. I talked to Nick yesterday. He is no longer servicing Quads. He's too backlogged with other work and it's nearly impossible to obtain decent panels these days. So... it seems there's nobody on the West coast to service these things. Too bad.

I have the same problem - perfectly good pair but had to ship them across the country and now one sizzles.  Did you successfully diagnose and fix?