Quad Revela 1 & 2

Anybody taken the plunge on this relatively new offering from the Ribbon tweet guys? Sounds like they have developed some new driver material and refined the tweeter a bit? Lots of press releases but can’t find a review yet. Appears  the price point is the same as their other lines , S and Z. I have had both of those. Running the Z-4 now.  Could be another bang for buck offering from Quad.



Reviews can be informative and on a rare occasion entertaining. Many reviews are just paid advertising. I doubt any negative reviews(criticism) will arise once this speaker gets passed from one reviewer to another. My advice is seek out a way to listen in person.

I'm surprised there are no reviews yet but then, per dayglow's remark, Quad may not be willing to pay reviewers😂
Quad loudspeakers seem to not get much attention in general, for some reason.

I've owned Z-2 and S-2's and was quite impressed with them. The Z-2 was beautiful, sometimes maybe a bit too much so and could become a little boring after a while. I'm hoping these Revela's will be equally beautiful but with just a bit more excitement(?).

@sergeee   Since you have owned other Quad loudspeakers you probably have a good idea of the Quad box speaker house sound. It has been a long time since I have heard a Quad speaker with drivers. My Revela impression from Youtube is they have a very open/spacious sound that does not sound mechanical. Yes, manufactured in China so QC concerns and unnecessary cost cutting measures arise.

@dayglow I'd say the prices seem quite reasonable (if these do deliver what's promised) so no problem with these cost cutting measures😄 

i understand you do listen to Quad's electrostatic loudspeakers, it would be interesting to have reviews where these are compared especially in mid/high

That new True ribbon tweeter is what is emphasized by Quad but there was nothing wrong at all with the old one in the Z series to my ears. I'm more interested in the mid/bass with the "unique formulation of wood pulp and artificial fibres named ‘Reveal’ "

Quad’s box speakers have always been quite good, though not really comparable to the ESLs; I’ve owned 57s for 40 years. I owned a pair of the 12L active speakers with two amplifiers and an electronic crossover in each box, and they were excellent. My son owns them now. They’re 14 years old and never any problems at all, plus the finish work is excellent. So though it would be nice if IAG manufactured in the UK again, I wouldn’t worry about the quality.

@lafish3 What was the last "box" series made in england?

I have the z4 and have had the s5.  The s5 were perfect but tiny imperfections can be found on the Z's, But still a really solidly built.  Love the tweeter construction and the base and feet and also nice.