quality jumpers

I am replacing the stock jumpers on my speakers. Can folks help me understand the differences among options such as the $40 copper ribbon from Mapleshade to the $150 silver from Walker, and the Cardas clips verusu wires. I liked the effect of using Silcear in my system. Does that mean I might enjoy the all silver jumpers?
I can't tell you the specific differences between the ones you mentioned asides from the obvious differences...(eg. one is copper, one is silver...doh!). However, based purely on anecdotal experience (not scientific), I would recommend using a jumper that is as close to the same cable as your speaker cables as possible. IMHO, you get much more cohesive results...
I have used a number of jumpers on my Acoustic zen Hologram cables, including Acoustic Zen ones, but the Audience AU24 I aquired were far better. Logically it ought to be better to use the same brand of cable and jumper, but it ain't necessarily so. Others have complimented the Audience line in general.
FWIW, I've tried the Au24 jumpers with my AZ Holograms and thought it sounded unnatural. I had some AZ Satori jumpers made and it sounded much better to my ears (Robert Lee suggested this combination).

I've found that Audience Au24 cables and jumpers work much better as a set.

(Disclaimer: I'm a dealer for both Audience and Acoustic Zen).