question about grills....

Hi all,

Just bought a pair of Quad 22L2s, and must say they sound pretty nice right out the box. But I have a question for the experts.

Do must of y'all listen with our without the grills on? Also, if I leave the speakers exposed, how careful to I have to be with them? I have two cats who will most likely be interested in sniffing them and bumping into them. Are they super fragile and shouldn't even be touched, or can they handle a little bumping from out kitties? The first speakers I loved -- a way too-expensive pair of Audio Note didn't have grilles, so I'm curious whether there is any sonic benefits to not using them.

Thanks in advance!

My current speakers don't have grills, but my last pair did, and I left them off on the grounds that the grills made the speakers look more like scratching posts -- thought the material might be just the thing to attract a scratchy-minded Kitty. Have never had trouble with scratching that way. There have been some threads here on Kitty control. John
"There have been some threads here on Kitty control. John"

Yeah, check out the "DOG" speaker protection thread.
I would leave the grills in place.
I had a pair of Spendor floorstanders confined to my small listening room for fear
my kitty's would see them as yet another scratching opportunity. In order to move them into
the family space I decided to make an extra set of grills. Went to the local fabric store and bought
some nice black grill cloth and I was in business. The home made grills looked and worked great.
All my efforts were for nothing, because the cats never gave them a try.
I admit that it helps to have a computer driven table router to make this possible, but
they can be made with simple hand tools.
Good luck, and give the kitty's a little scratch under the ear for me.