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Constant whining coming from ...
If your marriage license expired like your drivers license does, this might be a non-issue. I would in the very least, check to make sure she hasn't been recalled.  
Memory Players
Extracted from the Linn "CD players will perform interpolation automatically, often without the user being aware of it. Most ROM drives, however, will not perform interpolation, (although some may provide it as an option), so it is the responsibil... 
Memory Players
Thanks for the response Al.It reminds me of the way A'gon forums USED to be...Polite, intelligent exchanges of ideas.Sometimes. :)Ed. 
Memory Players
"with a clean CD, there are virtually no read errors with modern read heads.Almarg, I wanted to mention this in the spirit of clarity...You'll note in my original post I had mentioned the diminishing quality of the actual media iteslf. Off center ... 
Memory Players
Well you see... That's why forums can be such a great exchangeof ideas. As a matter of fact, here's another:http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue57/memory_player.htm 
Best way to clean/scratch polish a CD/DVD/SACD?
Your Worst WAF Incident
Actually, we have managed to maximize the sweet spot by totally mastering our treatments.Ya know... Diffusion, Absorption and then... Reflection.Although, her attack will still make your eyes twitch... 
Your Worst WAF Incident
She was completely grounded... Until she met me. 
Your Worst WAF Incident
Our fridge wasn't the worst offender. It was my wife's "toys".The battery powered units were no longer providing the "excitation" required by the other half. So, we opted for the 120v. AC model.The cord already had ferrite installed but was still ... 
Audio Alchemy DDS I - any information out there?
You may want to contact Dusty Vawter @ Channel Islands Audio/Monolithic. If anyone could provide you with that info, it would be he.http://www.ciaudio.com/ 
New miles davis cd.... wow
I own the Columbia/Legacy version of KOB # CK 64935. It is a "Super Bit Mapping" remaster. The remixed tape was done on an "All tube three track Presto much like the one used for the original recording".It is a phenomenal sounding CD.....(....I ca... 
Spades or bananas connectors?
"In a series of blind tests you couldn't hear the difference among spades, bananas, and bare wire."Q Tips are generally available for less that $2.00 a box.They would more than likely change the results of such a test. 
TAS Recommended CD Tweak….
"build an anti-gravity space ship"So you could fly back to Uranus? 
TAS Recommended CD Tweak….
I have no personal experience with the D,S&S, but I do use a product manufactured by LAT International (along with a myriad of other mods).However, the differences with using the LAT "Optical Enhancer" are quite profound.In terms of physical p... 
Is it worth expanding into Vinyl???
Tvad, you just hit the nail directly on the head.Many of us consider our turntables or CDPs our sources. It's the actual records or CDs that are the actual sources. It's the recording that stirs the emotions. The electronics are simply the carryin...