Question about volume matching

Hello All, and thanks in advance for your help.

I recently purchased an Innuos Zen Mini S. I use a USB cable out to a Mytek Brooklyn DAC. I have the volume on the DAC bypassed, so that it is only serving as a DAC. From there, I have analog cables going to a tube preamp.

So, here’s the question: does anyone have any advice on how to set the different components’ volume controls? Like I said, the DAC volume is bypassed, but the Innuos has its own volume and the preamp has its own volume. I had the Innuos at 100%, but the tube preamp was barely turned up. The Innuos Sense app recommends that hi res and MQA be at 100%

Don’t I need the preamp volume higher to engage and enjoy “tube sound?”

Or am I overthinking this? 


What do you mean by barely turned up ? You can enjoy tube sound at any level. 

It seems you have a lot of gain, are you using the balanced out of the dac going to the preamp? If so you could change to the RCAs, that will probably output less gain. 

You're fine.

I generally turn everything except the preamp Im using up to 100%.  right now I'm using an integrated amp turned up to 100%.  This takes the variable resistor that is the volume control pretty much out of the circuit.

The fact that you only need to turn your preamp up just a little says you have more power than you need.  Most people do.  

You're still getting full potential of the tube amp to imprint it's sound.  100% of the signal is going through the tube circuit.