Question for Lyngdorf owners

Hello folks 

I have a Lyngdorf MP-40 and am not sure whether I will need to replace or modify ALL my XLR cables because pin 3 must be disconnected. Please let me know how you did it. That’s asking a lot. Do they sell XLR cables in that configuration?  Thanks in advance for the reply. I might end up selling the unit if that’s the case. 


I’d contact Lyngdorf directly just to be sure you’re getting the right info. 

I had, to no avail. I got some clarification though from the AVS forum. Only XLR to RCA cables need to have pin 3 lifted. Balanced XLR to XLR cable are fine. Thanks. 

You can buy XLR to RCA cables. They will either have pin 3 connected to pin 1 or pin 3 will be open. If you connect pin 2 + and pin 3 - to the RCA center oin the result is 0 output.