Question : has anybody placed a Shunyata Omega QR power cord on thier sourse components ?

Hello Audiogoners - I hope all is well and you all are staying safe. Please let me know if you have placed this power cord on your pre-amps or CD players or steamers and what where your conclusions. I am curious as to what the sonic results where on those specific course components. Thank you in advance.

For source components, there is a separate Omega power cord called QR-s ("s" stands for "source"). Separate / different than the QR.

Here is a summary of the Omega line of power cords, comprised of three items:

Hello thyname and thank you and I have reviewed that and also discussed the different types of omega's with Shunyata. I was not able to put the Omega QRs in my thread heading due to space limitations. Thank you again and want to see who has put those power cords on their ( corrected my spelling )source components as usually those pieces have less of a current draw and relatively speaking smaller power supplies. I was hoping that someone could shed some light on this topic. Thank you again …...

No problem @garebear --- I am glad you are already aware of the various Omega power cords. I cannot help any further, as the only Omega I have is the XC for my Everest. I am unable to buy additional Omega power cords due to the cost. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

I would call Shunyata and ask.  I'm sure they will know and be informative.  Then come back here and share what you learned ... :)

Thank you - docknow and I have already done that. Shunyata has great customer service and very knowledgeable representatives. I am looking for the '' boots on the ground '' responses from customers who have front line knowledge on the sonic results of adding the cable. Also, the dealer who I have been working with has also been exemplary. Thank you again ; thyname as you are correct as the price of these cables is up there ….and just want to make sure and do my due diligence.

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Sorry I have not heard the Shunyata Omega in my system.

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Thank you and I am not looking for useless social media type responses the OP ; does any fellow Audiogoner have the experience of adding a Shunyata Omega QR or QRs power cord to a source component and what did they hear. Thank you and maybe the useless '' thread locusts '' will move on to another area.

Judging by the responses I’d say useless social media humour is of more interest. The legitimacy of Exotic power cables from the socket to your equipment is at best questionable. Looking for a Sonic difference Pryor to the controlling functions of your equipment is ridiculous, most opinions concluding. Certainly a topic that’s been beaten to death and therefore boring.


Thank you ; 1971gto455ho as your response is appreciated but however, personal '' opinions '' regarding the sonic merits of Exotic power cords on a system as you have noted was not the intent of my thread. I thought that my inquiry on adding these cords to a specific piece of equipment was clear but obviously it nowseems that I have unfortunately missed that mark. Shunyata's Omega QR or QRs power cords are not inexpensive by any means and the purchase of them at least for me, has involved a lot of questions and research if I may. I have been fortunate ; blessed one could say, that I have been able to add two of these cables to my system with very positive results. One was added to my power conditioner and the other to my amp. Now, I would or wanted to hear from somebody that ahs added these specific power cords to their pre-amp and or CD player or streamer and what were the results. So, my question was specific and not about what power cords do or don't do yo a system, which as you noted ' '' a topic that's been beaten to death and therefore boring ''. I was not playing in that - sandbox......

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You must have a really, really, really nice CD player or source. If you don’t, then sell yours and get a Playback Design and forego this for now. My suggestion is go to the dealer an demo it yourself against whatever you are using right now. Also, Music Direct is a dealer who will let you return stuff. I was going to do this with a $2500 Shunyata phono cable but my friend let me borrow his. If you do demo it yourself please come back to this post and give us your review since this power cable is so new. 

hshifi - thank you for your response and doing just what you noted as I am working with Shunyata along with Paul Jenkins ( formerly of The Cable Company ) and now owner of Elevation and Sound and they will be lending me one. As I have noted, I already own two of these and due to the cost wanted to see what one of them on a source piece of equipment would sound like with the other two in place. I would really regret making a mistake as these are not inexpensive. I will follow up on the results so the next time this question comes up there is a reference point. Note : millercarbon sad for you that during this pandemic and time of our lives that you can't greet a stranger or a friend or a fellow Audioner and which them well. Also, I have looked at the one review on these cables before asking - I still read reviews with a '' trust but verify '' approach. '' Stay well and safe MillerCarbon '' ….be nice as it might help you go a lot further in life than where you are right now with your life.

Hi I was wondering if anyone was able to test? I am going to test in a few weeks using the QR c19 with an adapter to convert it to a c15 for the preamp. I am not sure if I should put it on the streamer. I have a qr-s on the power amp and 2 Sigma NR v2 on the preamp and streamer currently. I am also using an Everest and have a Sigma XC on that and will replace it with an Omega XC. My system is the naim 500 series.

Maybe I should move the qr-s to one of the sources and the put the QR on the power amp. Not sure yet.