Question on Accustic Arts Drive I mk2

How to tun off the blue logo light on the Drive I mk2 and also is there a way to shut off the front display. I am using the Dac I mk4. When I change digital cable or the innterconnect cable do I have to shut the main power off at the back on both the CD and the Dac or can I just mute my pre amp? Should I leave both unit on 24/7?If I leave it on all time will the drive wear out faster?

Not sure about the display lights but the remote may have a dimmer. You should always have your entire system powered down when changing IC's or PC's. If you want to do it on the fly make sure your Preamp is on mute or off. As far as the power issue the CDM-Pro 9 drive should only be spinning when you hit Play, as other then that as this is a Solid State unit leaving it powered up 24/7 will just keep the circut in a constant warm-up stage.
I do use the on/off switch in the back of mine to turn it off completely, but if you leave this switch permanently on, you can put the transport in standby using the large knob on the right. Turning it counterclockwise will put the transport in standby and will extinguish the very bright blue logo which illuminates the drive door and it will power down all displays and lights on the front of the unit.

The remote has no dimmer switch.
The LED light on the Accustic Arts transport is itself a button to switch of the blue light on the transport cover.
Don't think that there's a way to switch of the display light in front