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Nagra CDT vesus Accustic arts Drive 2 reference
I partner the AA Drive naturally with it's Reference Tube DAC which I upgraded from the previous Mk3 DAC. You can see some of my thoughts along with Teajay's threads on the tube dac. 
Nagra CDT vesus Accustic arts Drive 2 reference
I have heard the Nagra cdp, the Accustic Arts Reference Drive which I own is better 
This is amongst the best out thereReview: Accustic Arts Reference Tube Hybrid DAC II DA converterYou can also match with its companion reference2 transportAccustic Art Reference Drive2 
Which is the best high end passive power filter?
For start, I think I can agree with you is that Shunyata is highly colored, and it's heyday as a leader in power conditioning products are quite over in some countries. As for Sound Application, check out what Tbg(Norm) has to say about it.Sound A... 
Which is the best high end passive power filter?
Forget the Sound Application (which seems to be based on dated technology and still looks the same year after year). According to Norm (his moniker is Tbg in audiogon), the new king of plc's is the Tesla PowerCell. Norm has used Sound Application,... 
New EMM Labs DAC 2 or Accustic Arts Ref Tube DAC
Hi Jason, glad to know that you distribute EMM Labs in NZ. I was just checking who carries Accustic Arts in NZ, and found that that there are currently no takers for Oceania at So maybe you ... 
CD has laid back and uninvolving sound
Accustic Arts actually came out with a SE (special edition) version of the Accustic Arts Reference DAC. According to what I heard from my dealer, the improvements are changing the quality of the PCB boards used and supplying better tubes than thos... 
Synergistic Research Acoustic ART- any comments?
Don't think it's out yet, wait for the mid month update. which should be anytime after 15th Dec 
Question on Accustic Arts Drive I mk2
The LED light on the Accustic Arts transport is itself a button to switch of the blue light on the transport cover.Don't think that there's a way to switch of the display light in front 
Ridge Street, Locus Design Axis & Synergistic USB
Not sure if you have already noticed, there's a new review comparing 3 USB cables at Positive Feedback, 2 of which are from Locus Designs 
Review: Audio Valve Eklipse Tube preamp
I found a rather indignant follow-up letter regarding the flareup issue brought up by Art Sharpiro.Go to the bottom of the feedback url below and read for yourself ;-), I noticed that subseq... 
Help - Need Preamp under 5K for Class D amps
I live way over in South East Asia and don't consider it viable selling 230V equipment with expensive shipping in a US-targetted Audiogon, thus no feedback. Even then I do not change equipment that often like fashion, and most of the time I do tra... 
Help - Need Preamp under 5K for Class D amps
Sorry, I was referring to Audioforever posting a few threads earlier, who did state he already owns a Nuforce P9. 
Help - Need Preamp under 5K for Class D amps
Forgot to add, I do not know Teajay personally, but stay probably a million miles away on the opposite side of the world and other than correspondence on his threads, I have no vested interest in Teajay ;-) 
Help - Need Preamp under 5K for Class D amps
I own the P9 Nuforce pre-amp, and do not currently own any Audiovalve equipment. But it may be the next pre-amp that I may upgrade to after perusal of Teajay's review whom I respect. And may I ask if the rest have vested interests in TRL, as I rea...