Question on McCormack MLD preamp

I have a question about the McCormack MLD which I have the opportunity to buy. For a while I had a McCormack TLC-1. Passive stage and" buffered" stage. Although it sounded very good  in active mode it just lacked the dynamics of a' regular' active stage. I did all the research I could on the MLD and all I could find still doesn`t tell me whether or not the active stage is " buffered " or regular. I know it sounds confusing and I may not be using the right terms but any help would be appreciated.
Call Pat or Steve at SMc Audio. They can give you the best info, as well as information on upgrading.
I have my MicroLineDrive there for upgrading, as I write.- As well as a pair of Micro Power Drives being converted to monoblocks.
Hi Tom,
The Micro Line Drive (MLD) has both a passive and active signal path. Unlike the TLC-1 (with buffered unity-gain path) the MLD's active circuit is a more traditional gain stage (adjustable via internal jumpers to +6 or +12dB). If you are looking for more dynamic punch or slam, that should do the trick.
Feel free to contact SMc Audio if you have any further questions.
Best regards,
Steve McCormack