Questions about Resolving Systems

I know this will be subjective but what makes a resolving system?

Does it mean it has great detail?

How do you know if you have a resolving system?

Is that only for system that employ high end components?

I am just trying to get a better understanding.



Forgiving or Resolving?

I tend to agree with the analysis given in the PS Audio website on this topic. Opposite of resolving is forgiving. If your system lean towards forgiving, then everything sounds good, but nothing sounds great. If your system is highly resolving, then the extremes between bad and great are magnified.

In my case, I had to make some compromises due to limitations in my source materials. I have Thiel 3.6 speakers, considered highly resolving and revealing. So I use tube gear (pre-amp, DAC, phono pre-amp) up stream to tame down the beast at the end of the chain. I believe some of us do this as a compromise so that we can enjoy most of our CDs, LPs, cassettes, etc. 

...and they certainly resolve any issues you've with a bank balance.... ;) 🙄

@kota1   you nailed it!  I had an Esoteric N05XD Streaming DAC and it was resolving in the extreme black backgound.  Frankly it didn't sound realistic. It was too quiet beyond anything I have heard in the real world. 



OP --- what makes a resolving system?

An audio system sounds the most life like with everything mentioned above. It sounds like this video.


A truly Audiophile resolving system ,1st will take $$ on average at least $50 k

minimum , by many standards