Quick Poll: For Berning / Merlin Owners

Just a curiousity question to all out there that bask in the wonderful sonics of the Merlin VSM-M and Berning ZH270 combination: What feedback setting do you prefer most on the Berning?

I can't seem to decide which mode is best, as I find myself toggling between Low and Normal most of the time, based on the music playing, my mood, etc. etc. I'm sure there's no right answer, but curious none the less.
if any of you are responding & live in the NY area, i would love to hear the berning/Merlin combo. im getting upgraded to the magic mod now & im thinking about the berning..
1markr- I'm w/you, but mostly normal.
Diamonddue18- If you want to venture into the wilds of CT (Hartford area), drop me an email and you can come up and hear mine anytime.
I prefer the low feedback setting. It is definitely a preference issue as there are tradeoffs but I feel there is generally a greater sense of presence and fullsomeness in the low setting which is more my cup of tea.
If you'd rather drive south to Philly, I'm your guy...
Another vote for low feedback here. Cheers,
Must say I was also undecided which setting sounded best to my ears. So I called David and asked him which feedback setting he'd recommend with the Merlin VSM-MX/ Joule LA100 combo.

His suggestion was either:

Low Feedback setting at 12 o'clock, or
Medium (normal) Feedback at 2 o'clock

Before I had the wire upgrade and the ERS mod I found the Medium setting most appealing. Since the mods I find the low setting sounds best to my ears. Hope this helps.

Before and after wire/cap/ERS mods was recoding dependent (vinyl or CD/SACD) but either low setting@12 or Medium setting@2.