Quiet,cheap table: under $500 new or used....

Looking for a very quiet, reliable table in this range...prefer to go new...but will risk going used if the gain is worth it...any suggestions? Thinking MusicHall mmf-5 at the moment...cheers
You will periodically hear about build issues with the Music Halls. In your price range, I would wholeheartedly recommend Rega. Better arm, and I've never heard of a build concern. You could certainly get a P2 and decent cart with that money, perhaps even a 3. Or one of the clones, the NAD 533 or Moth. They come with Goldring cartridges premounted. I have the NAD and it is utterly noiseless.
Go with a Rega P2 or P3. I bought my Planar 3 w/ Rega Elys cartridge on Audiogon for $500.00. I'm very pleased with my decision. I also plan on upgrading via replacing the glass platter
with an acrylic platter. I also plan on purchasing the Heavyweight
tonearm tweak, ect...The Absolute Sound's latest issue has an article describing the upgrading path
that is possible with Rega turntables. MusicDirect is currently
advertising all of them. Definitely, take a look at the article or check
out Music Direct's website. Also, when you buy a Rega turntable,
especially the Planar 3, your also buying one of the best tonearms
as well. That being the RB-250 or RB-300, which can be further modified as funds permit. Hope this is helpful.
If you need quiet reliable table you should consider Technics SL-1200. It would last forever, it is simple and fully adjustable.
You know, I've seen a good number of Tech SL1200s that look dead...and are. I've seen plenty AR Turntables that look dead...and not only play, but sound pretty good, too ;) See if you can find an AR with something other than the stock arm--ARs with Linn, SME, Premier MMT float around from time to time for good deals--you'd have money left over to get a decent cart for it. I found one with a Linn for $35 once...gave it a little TLC...and it worked like a charm for a good while until I got my Gyro in December.

Otherwise, can't go wrong with a Rega. Good suggestions above. The MMF-5 is OK, but I personally prefer tables that are more mod/upgrade friendly...for when you get the itch ;)
See, I don't understand all of this hype over the 1200.
I have owned one before and I just don't get it.
Unless the key here is to totally revamp the thing, in my mind it is not a good TT. Is that the deal? Buy a 1200 and spend time and money to make it something it is not?