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What is the best phono preamp you have heard?
What a blast from the past.... 
DIY Bearing availability
That's the same seller. Unfortunately, that bearing is only for an up to 3k platter. I still haven't heard back from him about the other bearing. 
DIY Bearing availability
Now that one I did not see when I searched. The ones I have seen were not impressive at all. I have emailed them to find out if they offer that bearing alone.I don't need the platter, I can build that. 
DIY Bearing availability
Thanks guys. The Grainger and DIY Hifi bearings are totally unsuitable for what I have in mind. The bearing on LH is closer, I'll have to look into it. The Chinese stuff is quite comical. 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
I've been spending a little time reading and catching up since I haven't spent a lot of time here lately. When I played A Love Supreme last night I was thinking of Pat, and decided I needed to read the whole thread again. I hadn't realized it's be... 
Audio Note Step up transformers
I tried the AN-S2, but prefer the K&K that I built. And this was with an AN Soro SE Phono, AN AZ3 speakers, AN CD2, AN cables, and my home built Teres. I would like to try one of the higher AN SUT, but the cost has precluded me getting one. 
T2AL 250v fuse question.
Thanks Al. I spent an hour searching and only came up with the high dollar fuses. 
T2AL 250v fuse question.
Side note: I'm not spending 25 bucks on a fuse. It's the 5mm x 20mm size. Also, it has either R5 or RS printed on the glass. 
TWL mod for Rega RB600 arm---help needed
I matched the weights just because I was having fun in the shop that day. I bought one big weight, cut it in half, then drilled it so if fit tight on the bolts. As for not much to it, you're right. But it will shock you what each mod does.Like Dou... 
TWL mod for Rega RB600 arm---help needed
If you look at my system you will see how I did it. Blu-tack worked for me, but I did Paul's adjustable VTF tweak too. 
Turntable Motor
Probelm with my Teres motor
Thanks Chris. I'll call you on Monday. 
I got a stylus cleaning kit for, but---------
I remember when Doug started the ME revolution. He even sent out free samples to a bunch of us, and I've been a convert ever since. 
10 Levels of Turntable Mastery
TML 10: master: built their own turntable and arm and it kicks ass on everything commercially available. This is not by the individual's claim; the knowledge of this is gained only by word of mouth. Anyone who says he is, isn't; turn around and ru... 
Battery Powered Turntables?
My Teres is battery powered. All Teres have that option.