quietest fan to use inside my enter ctr cabinet

whats a high quality quiet fan that can be purchased to keep in the back of my enterntainment center to cool off my receiver, and amps, etc.
Hi Goldenears7

How much do you want to spend per fan and what size of fan are you looking for? I primarily use 120mm computer case fans from Antec or Yate Loon to displace air from my audio cabinet. I was blowing are left to right over my amps at the time and needed 8 total fans, 4 on each side. These are budget fans that are about $6 to $7 each. I got the Yate Loon fans from CoolerGuys and the Antec fans from a computer store by me who does comp case mods.

Here are some specs of the Yate Loon.

RPM: 1300 +/- 10%
CFM: 44.5
dB: 20.8

Now all these fans require an AC Adaptor and the appropriate power connectors.

The quietest fans that I've experienced are Nexus, Noctua and Scythe but the price per fan is $12 to $22 each. I had them in different PC rigs where the desktop was about a foot away from me and they were dead quiet.

good luck with the search
Parasound makes a cooling fan apparatus.
I second Noctua.


thanks, I will research these recs. One of the companies that sells fans fans for cabinets says you should bring in cool air from the front of the unit and have it blow out the back. Which I can't really practically do, since its a recessed in wall cabinet, so in the back is the actual wall. I think my only choice is to put the fan behind the receiver and have it blow air forward across the receiver from back to front and toward the listener (open room). Technically that is just blowing air from dead space behind the unit forward into the open room. It should still help a bit? no?
Hi Goldenears7

I don't know if you found fans that would cool all your gear but here could be another solution to consider.

Antec VERIS series A/V cooling fan.


It can be found for a lot less than stated above and is quiet.

They use a regular 120V plug and they do not accept a trigger cable.
Another 120V fan, meaning no noisy AC adapter.