"Baking" vibrapods smell issue.

I've never "baked" my vibrapods but the time has come since I'm re-arranging everything in my rig setup.

Did anyone "baked" them to get them back in original shape?
Does it have a smell? How long do you have to wait until you can start cooking in your oven? I do like homemade food and I do cook and so my wife. So the question is also about WAF.
I've baked 'em. It only took thirty seconds to a minute. We cooked the same evening. There was no smell.
I've found that baking Vibrapods is less effective than lightly sautee'ing them over low heat, and then simmering them in a balsamic vinegar reduction and a prudent combination of basil (Greek basil is the best) and Tarragon (sparingly!).

Pour over capellini or fettucine, dust with Locatelli shreddings and fresh crushed black pepper...

mmmm mmmm good

Emerill Laggassi has a recipe for baking Vibrapods, he created it especially for those audiophiles looking to "kick it up another notch!"
I've done this several times. There is no odor and it brings the pods back to life.
i've found that a few minutes on the grill with apple wood chips imparts a correct orientation and better smell than the original. for a "warmer" sound, i recommend mesquite coals.
I wonder if they have the same after effects of "sliders" aka "White Castle hamburgers" if you eat them ??? Sean
It's the strangest thing..... when I bake em with mesquite
Everything smells and sounds like TexMex .......
i have placed mine boiling water to get them back up. then hold them in cold water to keep shape.