"GoldWave" : Good for recording LPs to CD?

I'll be buying a Sony Vaio PC shortly and would like to use it to record my LPs and cassettes onto CDs. I checked out the "GoldWave" website which appears promising, but I'd like to know if any of you have personal experience with this or similar software. From what I've read, you can send your pre-amped turntable or cassette-out signals straight into your computer. I like this straight forward approach, but are there other considerations/computer requirements I should be aware of? Thank you for your suggestions.
Thank you for your response.I checked out the CFB website and it actually appears to be better suited to my needs than the more complex GoldWave. I can't wait to get started.
I have Goldwave. Before I got it I recorded many of my LPs to CD burnable format using MusicMatch Jukebox, which is a nice program, easy to use and did a good job, except - the "autodetect track ending" really doesn't work very well. So in the end I turned it off and each LP side becomes a separate cd track. I also had some LP's with lots of pops/tics, so I went searching for SW that would allow editing of the files. Goldwave does this. I bought a copy and have used it strictly to edit the files I previously recorded. It has a lot of function. It allows you to split tracks anyway you like. That part did exactly what I wanted. It also has filter algorithm to sift off noise. I really didn't like the results of that filtering though. It kills noise, along with the rest of the high end.

I can't speak for the ease and quality of of the recording features since I haven't used them. I pretty much abandoned my idea of transferrring LPs to cd's. I just don't like the results, and it's laborious. I imagine it does as good a job recording as the other programs. Also, with a little more dedication it may be possible to improve on the results from what I got with my first trys.
Actually I have used quite a few of these programs, and the best program (hands down) in my opinion is Wave corrector. Not only will it do everything that Goldwave does, but is also splits tracks automatically (you can merge them back if you do not want to use this feature), but it does an excellent job of removing clicks, pops, and even hiss from audio cassettes. You can try it for free. It is the best money I have spent on this type of program. Just enter Wave Corrector in Google.