"Grainy" highs problem...

Hello All,

I am relatively new to the hi-fi audiogon crowd. Actually, I've just been out of the hobby for about 15 years, and I just got the bug again. I've been upgrading my system over the last six months and have heard some GREAT improvements. My system consists of some custom made speakers by Van L Speakerworks, a Cary Cinema 11 pre-pro, Cary Cinema 5 amp, Eichmann interconnects, mid priced monster speaker wire,Better Cable coax dig cable, and a Pioneer Elive DV-37 source. Since upgrading to the Cinema 5, I have noticed so much more detail and clarity, and realism. It's wonderful. But, it seems to have also added a problem. My highs are really extended, but have a grainy texture. Obviously, my source is a week link in this setup (though, I'm actually using the DACs on the Cinema 11) What can I do to remedy this situation, cost effectively? Eventually I will uprgade my source (looking at a McCormack UDP1) but can't afford to do it now. Should I try different interconnects or speaker wire? Or is this grainyness just inherent in Red Book CDs? Any thoughts or suggestions? I'd really love to 'smooth' this problem out without losing any of the remarkable detail. Thanks so much!
Change the digital cable from dvd player to the processor.
Try Marigo 5.6 or 5.7 or Virtual Dynamics NiteII or Master. Will get rid of the grain. That's your most important cable right now, followed by the interconnects from processor to amp.

Also, upgrading the power cord on the processor to something better, i.e Audience powerChord, may cure some of it, but the most of the grain I think is the digital cable.

See if you can borrow some digital cables from Cable Company(800-fat-wyre) and make sure to try Virtual Dynamics. Best digital cables I had in my system when I was using a dac.
It might be that an anti-jitter device (monarcy, etc) will do more good than a different digital cable. You can get one for $200 (or less used on the gon). For me, the anti-jitter obviates the need for an expensive digital source. Never having had an expensive transport, I'm just going on my own opinions and thoughts. Maybe bits aint bits, but spending a ton on a transport has never appealed to me. Plus Ive read the newer dvd players are pretty good. Good luck.
Time to switch to a computer based music server and DAC.

Go to Audio Asylum and browse the PC Audio Forum for some ideas, check my system, search the archives here, and google USB DACs. Look at the Wavelength and Empirical websites.

I am grain free with the best digital I've ever heard.

BTW you need to define "cost effective" to really get good advice for your particular situation.
I had that same problem with my SS setup. And changing the cables did the trick. I would go with what Audphile1 stated first.
Herman- Ideally I'd like to cure the problem the cheapest way possible. If that means I have to spend over a grand, so be it. But I'd prefer to keep it under that.

Thanks for the comments so far.