"New Stock" EH EL34 Fat Boy and TungSol 6550

The rain has me itchy to do some tube rolling. I am looking for a quad for my Cary SLA70 modded for triode. I have used it with both the Sovtek and Svetlana EL34s. The Sovtek has tremendous detail but is a bit grainy. The Svetlana is very smooth but feels congested in the mids. I am intrigued by some of the new reissues - specifically the EH EL34 Fat Boy and the new TungSol 6550 (amp will take 34a, 6550, 88s). Has anyone had a chance to hear either or both of these? I am not specifically interested in on whether or not they as good as the originals though I and the other readers are I'm sure interested if you think they are faithful to the type.

I am extremely interested in whether or not you liked what you heard, how you would characterize the sound and whether or not you consider them an equal, better or worse value to the tubes they compete with in the marketplace.

I appreciate your comments and look forward to a lively discussion
I put a quad of EH EL34 Fat Boys in my amp this past week. But I've been laid up with a fever for a couple of days so haven't broken them in yet. Nevertheless, right off the bat, they impressed. My favorite in the past has been the Svetlana. I've tried JJs and they were okay. And I've tried EH "Skinny Bottles" and didn't care for them. But the Fat Boys really sing. Great even tone. Nice and... well, fat. Certainly worth a try.
Thanks Zinfan. This confirms several other reports I have gotten. Might you be fond of a certain varietal? Feel better.
i use a quad of sylvania 60's fat boy el34 tubes in my vac 35/35 amp...i liked them..sold the amp still have 5 fatboys left..one day...
Zinfan, when you're up and around and your new tubes are broken in, can you offer more description of the EH FatBoys compared to EH EL34 "regulars" (or the Svets or JJs)? My opinion of the Svets is like Ckorody's, and I do like EH EL34 regulars. So, don't know if my tastes would run toward the FatBoys, but I'd be interested in a little more information. Thanks.
Jayboard, I've put about 10 more hours on the EH Fat Boys since I last posted. But first, what I like about the Svets is their full-roundedness. The highs are very natural with no shrillness. The bass booms impressively when it has to and there is no tubbiness--at least not in my system. I don't hear the congestion that you and Ckorody find in the mids. I'll listen more intently for it now--but it may be some time before I pull out the Fat Boys because I like them so much. The Fat Boys have an enveloping presence, subtle but palpable, that I'm very much enjoying. I listen to a lot of classical vocal music--solo and choral voices and opera--as well as a lot of chamber music and small combo jazz. I like a rich sounding mid range and lots of air around the voices and the instruments. The Fat Boys help to deliver that very well, along with sweet highs and reasonably good bass (deeper than the Svets I'm thinking thus far). Btw, the other tubes in the amp (a Jolida integrated), are Sylvania blackplate 5751 and Telefunken ECC 801S. The reason I didn't care so much for the regular EH EL34s is that they seemed a bit pallid in comparison to the Svets in the mid range and the bass didn't come alive as well. I realize that sounds subjective, but it's the best description I can give. Hope this helps.
Thanks, Zinfan, that's helpful. Reading your descriptions of the Svets and EH's, I think we hear the same relative differences between the two but just have different subjective preferences (besides having different equipment; my tubes are in a Van Alstine Super 70i amp). For example, to me the Svets's midrange is a little too bloomy; the EH's are lean but sound more open and have more delicate, crystalline highs. But there certainly are things I like about the Svets. If the Fat Boys have both good bass and lots of air, they sound like something I'd like to try sometime.
I'm wondering, what recordings do tube fans like ourselves typically use to test out new tubes, or when trying to determine whether their tubes are delivering the sonic goods over time? I have a short list of CDs for this purpose including Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants to hear how well the opening vibes in the first cut "glow" and also whether the tape hiss of the old recording becomes instrusive (with some 12ax7s, it does). I also use Chris Isaak's Baja Sessions, which is beautifully recorded; Christa Ludwig singing Mahler orchestral songs, which some tubes make muddy sounding and other make ethereal; and The Great Jazz Trio to hear how drums and bass are handled. Dylan's Oh Mercy has some great moments that try tubes souls as well--like the beginning of The Man In The Long Black Coat.
I agree with the comments Zinfan2 has made. I wasn't happy with any modern day EL34 I tried until I found the EH fat bottle. I've nothing negative to say about it I think there great and the price is right. I found them more revealing, resolute and musical than my Sylvania Fat Bottles that test at 98%. Why I don't know but the differnce was apparant. However the body, bass and slam of the music is bigger in the Sylvania then the EH.

Then a friend of mine who builds his own amps/preamps turned me on to the Ei fat bottles and holy cow I cannot believe ears!! Easily the best modern day EL34/6CA7 I have heard period. Another friend of mine has cryoed Mullard xf2 and we could not distinguish any differences between them and the Ei. I love the Mullards there awesome but seeing we couldn't hear a difference why not buy the cheap Ei? As you can see I have no bias or loyalty to any tubes past or present I go with my what my ears tell me and the EI 6CA7 is the cats ass in my rig!!

Just something to think about when your searching for the right output tube don't write off the Ei. The output tubes are so important it is amazing how they change the sound of your amp. A lame output tube makes for a lame hifi in my experience.