"Reverse" Bi-Wire Question

I have two monoblocks that have dual sets of binding posts (1 channel of input only, but both sets of binding posts are active).

Is there any potential harm to my amps or speakers if I use bi-wire cables and attach the 4 terminations to the *amp* and the 2 terminations to the non-bi-wirable speakers?

If there is no potential harm, is there any potential benefit to such a configuration, or would it be advisable to switch to a single wire set up (my speakers are not bi-wireable).
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Just don't get the two connections at the amp reversed in polarity. This would make a short circuit at the speaker where the wires are connected together.
The only problem I can see is if your speaker cable of choice is designed to be "directional."

Reversing it does not mean harm will come to speakers or amp, but it's possible it would sound better running the direction it was designed.

Richard Vandersteen has long touted the benefit of bi-wire, particularly for some of his designs. The only way to know for sure is to give it a try. Just be certain your not shorting out anything while swapping wires.
Very creative, but be careful. Don't open a bottle of wine before starting.......
Also make sure that the 2 binding posts are Not labeled with different Impedances. I used to have some Dared Monoblocks that had 3 posts per side - 8 Ohm, 4 Ohm, and Ground. If yours are like that - then there may be a problem.
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