"Tribute" MC Step Up Transformer

Anybody can share their experiences with this step-up transformer. I read a concise but very favorable report at the Teres forum so I am interested.

Tribute makes some of the best iron in the world, bar-none. It's a long wait usually, but well worth it. most of his best stuff is wound on amorphous cores I have 3 pieces of gear with Tribute iron and every one of them is state-of-the-art sound, mainly due to that iron. www.tribute-audio.nl

Hi Ed,

Yes, I know you do have them! For lack of a better term, I think I "dig" your equipment choices. That volume control attenuator you made is world-class gorgeous and I bet sounds wonderful.

I already talk to Pieter. My step up should be here in a month or two. I do not mind the wait. I just want to see if other people have experienced on them.

Thanks for your response!

Thanks for the nice comments, keep us posted on how it turns out. Also, what the timeline ends up being - would be curious if he is turning things out faster now, hopefully so.

Dear Abe: The usage of any step up transformer is the best way to heavy degrade the critical music signal coming from the phono cartridge.
If you really cares about music, stay away of SUT, any.

Regards and enjoy the music.