Radiohead -Hail to the Theif

Just received an advance copy,Due for release June 12,03.14 Tracks 57+min's.In the same vein as Amnesiac,in fact could be called Amnesiac PartII.A solid 5*****Stars from this listener.Radiohead,..Tripping the light Fantastic...Great !! How far out can they go?? JD
Sounds great, I enjoy there music... Its just not the sort of music I can listen to over and over again- but from time to time its like going to a place far far away- I will be looking forward to hearing it, thanks for the heads up!
I hope they press LP's of this new release. The double 10" LP's of "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" are some of the most amazingly recorded rock of the last few years. I don't know how the CD sounds, but on my system the vinyl is absolutely scary in places.

When you say that the new album sounds like Amnesiac pt 2, 5 stars, I wonder what you thought of Amnesiac? To me, OK computer was incredible and Kid A was possibly even better, but Amnesiac, while still a great album, was not the masterpiece that the previous two albums were. So, how does Hail to George compare to their best? Or was Amnesiac your favorite?
Nicko,I think all mentioned are 5 stars.Played them all in last few days to answer your question.Tough call for me but I lean toward Amnesiac sound/style a bit if I have to choose.Hail is growing on me daily,having trouble removing it from the tray,appears to be stuck there.Haunting.....JD
Only just got a copy of this on CDR however the rumours were that some of the early copies kicking about were only rough mixes.
Of course promo copies have been out for a while too.
My copy sounds like a CDR of a second or third generation copy of the official album-it's far from terrible and does give some indication that the album is well produced but it's obviously not a copy of the original recording.
In terms of the music I haven't listened in great detail yet but I would say despite some electronic influence this record does sound much more straight forward than the previous two.
It's far from mainstream but it does seem more direct,less thought out-I thought both Kid A and Amnesiac suffered from Radiohead trying too hard not to be the great rock band they obviously are.
Similarly the recording doesn't sound as overdone as parts of Amnesiac and sounds the better for it......
Thanks for the heads-up on the new album. I concur with tireguy that I don't listen to radiohead too often, but there are times when nothing else will do.