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For all you Clapton fans....
At least thank EC for rockin out the blues and sending it back to Vanilla Pop America so we could enjoy our own roots music.The songs Crossroads and Spoonfull had been around for years and the Vast majority of Americans had never heard of the blue... 
British sound???
Les Paul through a Marshall Amp! Is one answer..JD 
Bands that had a "masterpiece", w/ common theme
Nektar-"Remember the Future"Eloy-"Ocean"..A Masterpiece!Camel"Dust and Dreams" and "Harbour of Tears"and othersGong's 1st several LP'sTarkus if half an album counts..Another real Masterpiece! 
Bands that had a "masterpiece", w/ common theme
Rrog.After checking "Rrog's Reponses in Music" in the forum thread section you actually have good taste in music..I don't get your Pink Floyd comment weather you like them or not they play music...Rap is not music..JD 
Bands that had a "masterpiece", w/ common theme
Rrog..I certainly consider Pink Floyd to be Music.One of the top Bands ever to say the least.Do you live under a rock?Or only listen to quiet female vocals or smooth jazz.Or the worst Rap and Hip Hop or other mainstream crap?JD 
What decibel level do you listen at?
Ditto here!85dB - 90dB. Sometimes louder. Rarely quieter. This is measured from the listening seat with a Radio Shack decibel meter....Its background music below 65db not for serious listening imho.Live performances are not at 65db so how could yo... 
older Parasound vs new Halo series? thoughts?
"Ive had a few pieces of the old parasound gear" JBlaze,How old and what pieces did you have?JD 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Dicky Betts on the Live at the Filmore East Album!Duh!Coltrane lovers,Can you spot the Coltrane inspired Solo in the middle of W Post?Starts out lick for lick from Mr.Coltrane.Mr.Betts was the best at putting you down on the killing floor as well ... 
Best bourbon?
Makers Mark as long as I can remember.I'm 64.Taste expensive and is.Visit Star Hill farm if you get a chance.JD 
Beatles Mono Boxes Good news more on the way
Greedy Audiogoners,Kaleidakol and Narrod already asking $375 a set.Only $275 from Ce511 .They obviously bought these to profit from fellow audiophiles on the forums.Hope they don't make a dime...These are our friends on Audiogon and AA..JD 
Beatles Mono Boxes Good news more on the way
By the way, Amazon has 25 or so at $229 (of the first set) if anyone is interested. 
Beatles Mono Boxes Good news more on the way
Don't pay high prices to greedy people for these sets.They are NOT Rare.........JDhttp://www.examiner.com/x-2082-Beatles-Examiner~y2009m8d31-Beatles-remastered-CDs-update-EXCLUSIVE-EMI-still-making-mono-stereo-box-sets 
Beatles Box Sets Update
The Greedys are here on the gone already.Mono sets $375..Hope they get stuck...JD 
Which songs/albums take you back to college?
!.The Doors, S/T2.Jimi Hendrix Are you Experienced3.Cream,Disrali Gears,4.Love, Forever Changes5.Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic PillowAnd many more Psychedelic and Prog Rock Bands.Then I turned on,Tuned in and dropped out..........Peace ! 
High End Universal Players ???
08-13-09: PdreherMy experience with Oppo was poor.... problems with picture and sound within a few days of operation. Returned it and won't go back. Just my experience... YMMVAlmost everyone elses' milage did vary.Oppo's are very high quality for ...