Raga Planer 3 Turntable Modification Kit Survey

Thank you RP3 owners for taking time to read and respond to our information/sheet survey. Our intention is to market a mod kit that will substantially improve the sonic performance and acoustic isolation of the Rega RP3/RB300 turntable. The mod is built to a very high standard and is a viable and cost-effective upgrade option compared to the traditional method of transferring the excellent RB300 to a more costly armless turntable. The mod is also a better economical alternative than selling the RP3 and starting over. Installation of the mod consists of transferring all major mechanical and electrical RP3 parts to a new high-gloss laminated base/fluid-damped subchassis suspension/and motor isolation units. These new assemblies improve the RP3's sonic performance and acoustic isolation by increasing rigidity between arm and platter, increasing energy dissipation and damping of the arm/platter/subchassis unit and by increasing motor and environmental isolation. The kit is very attractive, is easy to install, and will take approx. 2 hours to complete. The sonic transformation of the completed mod is greater or equal to that obtained by turntables costing 3 or 4 times as much. The mod kit will retail for approx. $600.00 to $700.00 (Canadian) and will accomodate other Rega tonearms for future upgrading. The following is a short survey to help us determine an effective marketing strategy. (please circle your choice). To respond to this survey on the internet please answer as follows. 1. YES or NO 2. YES or NO,YES or NO 3. YES or NO etc, or you can e-mail the address above. 1). Are you interested in upgrading the performance of your RP3 (whether now or later)?. YES / NO 2). Where would you like to learn/see more information about our mod kit? On internet? YES / NO At dealer? YES / NO From factory? YES / NO From audio magazines? YES / NO 3). Would you prefer to install the mod yourself or have it dealer installed at a slightly higher cost (Approx. $100.00 to $150.00)? Install myself YES / NO Dealer install YES / NO 4). Would you prefer to purchase the mod kit via the internet? YES / NO Or purchase through a dealer? YES / NO 5). Would you consider purchasing our mod kit when you plan to upgrade? YES / NO 6). Would you like more information about our mod kit? YES / NO Additionl comments:________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Again, thank you for your time responding to our market survey.Please watch this space for more info in the future. Sincerely A.W.E.
1)yes, 2)yes, No, Yes 3)Yes, No 4)Yes, No 5)Yes 6)Yes Please send me more info. asap. I am about to sell my P3 and buy a P25 Thx Kenreau@Yahoo.com
Yes, pls send me or E-mail info re:Rega Turntable mod. W Chang 8236 SE 36th St Mercer Island, Wa 98040