Survey-What is your most used source?

Just curious, what is your most used source: CD, tuner, cassette, LP, dish...?

I purchased a tuner about six months ago, I hadn't used one in my system in well over 10 years. It is easily now my most used source.

Model: Fanfare FT-1A
CD but tuner is a close second. I used my seperate DVD so little that I sold both my CD and DVD and bought a single carosel DVD and use it for both now. Bought a new Cassette player about four years ago and have totalled about two hours on it so far.
Definitely the cd player, Phx AZ has the worst radio stations, lousy music and too many commercials. I used my tuner quite a bit in the past but not hardly at all these days.
A Scully 270 playback reel modified by Tube Research Labs, playing back various master dubs and production master reels. Turntable close second.
50/50, cd and tt. Cds for all the music I don't have on 78s - as you can imagine, that's alot of music!

I'm listening to Satellte music stations. Got a coax out/ not bad at all/as it "kills" my fm "tuna"
Hate to admit it, but CD/SACD/DAD probably leads the pack by a narrow margin, followed very closely by my turntable and my tuner. It is more convenient than records, that's the main reason. But if I start listening to vinyl, I generally won't listen to CD during that listening session; can't make the reverse claim.
Good question - I use the tuner most followed by the CD and TT. While things are warming up I just listen to the tuner and a few Golden Oldies. Sometimes I'll forget what I was going to play, as things warm up the sound becomes very nice.
my tuner is a great source when i just want music in the backround so it gets the most use plus NY has good radio stations
Turntable. CD mostly used for music I do not own on LP, to warm up the amps and for whenever I feel too lazy too get up and flip LP's
i'd say that 75% of my waking hours are spent listening to the voices inside my head. the other 25% is devoted to cd's, at least 'til i get my analouge system up and running again. C'MON, THAT'S A LIE. NO IT ISN'T, DON'T LISTEN TO HER. SHUTUP, BUSTER YO..... whew! got the cd into the transport just in time.
CDs w/speakers 90% of the time, and 10% w/ Sennheiser 600 headphones plugged into SF Line 2 pre-amp-- hope listening to CDs doesn't do to me what it seems to have done to Cornfed though:>). Cheers. Craig.
CD (Including SACD) at home, about 80%; MD recordings of CD when away from home 10%; CD in car about 5%; Radio in Car about 5%.

Without MD, my life would be miserable.
Turntable 90 percent of the time, CD or SACD 10 percent. I do not own a tuner, listen to music from the DSS system very rarely.
CD: 50%; LP: 25%; FM: 25%.
Of course, if more titles were available on vinyl, that percentage would be higher.
CDs 50%; FM 50% (Boston has GREAT radio...several high power stations with lots of jazz/classical, minimal or no compression or EQ.)
depends on what kinda listening - serious listening: 50% winyl, 25% cd, 25% tuna. casual listening: 60% tuna, 30% cd, 10% winyl. +/- 25% of course... ;~)

doug s.

Vinyl over 90%, the rest CD. Classical hardly ever on CD, except, when something really striking comes out, like Abado's rendering of the Beethoven symphonies with the Berlin Philharmonic.
Isolated down to 100% vinyl. I know record player steps are a rictual or mantra and an important part of the home listening musical experience for me. Something about that TT- Arm and cartridge that fansinates me. Love it when friends bring over a favorite CD, then I plug in the CD plyer into the system. I usually really enjoy the music they have brought, this happens a lot, but I never seem to do CD thing on my own. If I buy that CD it goes into the car or bedroom system for good music - background stuff. Don't mean this to sound snobish at all (please no vinyl/CD flames) but just stating what my source is.
david, if it's gnu-music ya wanna hear, i tink yule be quite disappointed w/the sound of radio - most pop-stations are *wery* compressed; something like a dbx 3bx is *mandatory* w/these stations.

and, it's not yust the stations, it's the way the pop-stuff is recorded. i was tickled to be able to find santana's latest *supernatural* on winyl, cuz i'd heard how awful it was mixed on cd - well, the winyl ain't nuttin' to write home about either! it *does* sound quite excellent when run thru the dbx, tho...

doug s.

Right now, 100% vinyl, at least until I can find a CD player I can live with for minimal scratch....
hey, musikdok, w/that melos preamp ya got now, i tink yule be quite surprised-n-pleased how decent a cheep cd-player will sound now - my $500 (retail) nad cd-changer gives up nuttin' to cd-players up to $3k retail (at least), when run thru my melos music-director pre. not that $3k cd-players are anything to write home about, when compared to winyl... ;~)

regards, doug

Strictly CD here. Analog beckons, but after having had three vinyl collections stolen over the years I decided to not go through that grief again. Funny that losing my CDs wouldn't be nearly as traumatic!
Brian, I'm with you: It's the TUNA. Just traded my FT-1A for Magnum Dynalabs MD 108. Can't get enough. The CONSTANT introduction of new music into my home is worth twice the price.
It's been 11 months since this thread was introduced, times and styles change with time, who has changed?

I have made A LOT of changes over the past year and I do play more CD's now that a year ago, BUT, I still use the tuner the most, although I am now using a Yamaha T-2 tuner.
My ratio has changed a bit since I was given a very nice sounding tuner by an audio nerd type dude.:) Its a Adcom GFT 1A.
I also finally bought a decent CDP.The original Rega Planet.
So now its approx.50% vinyl,30% FM, 20% CD
It was 90% vinyl, 10% CD
i'm listening to cd a bit more, now that i have my modded art di/o...

doug s.
Tuner first, CD/SACD second. Just getting my turntable set up. Since I got my MR71 overhauled I am spending alot of time with the headphones and the all night jazz station in the wee hours.
Wife, 15 yr old daughter, TV (gotta be honest),62 year old Steinway B, tuner, then by beloved CDP. Sometimes I wish the order would flip...!
CDP-64%,tuner-30%,TV-06%.more or less an accurate representation for me. many find it 'odd' that someone my age (24) can 'only' watch about 2 hours of TV, a week. I tell you, it's pretty easy when you don't have cableTV, nor sat. It's not like there's really anything on. And besides, I only have a 13inch TV (looks kind of sad next to my stereo, actually!)

I don't have a vinyl source, so that counts me out for that. Though I might like to try that someday, especially if we get slapped with more 'playback-restricted' CD titles.

Oh, and the 'tuner' numbers are a little inflated as I'm ALSO counting the time I use the radio in my car. Though I do listen to some college radio while at home. I usually catch the late night heavy metal shows. That allows me to expose myself to hopefully music I have not heard yet. (I'm big into heavy metal and classical).

So without counting the car, it's: CDP-80%,tuner-12%,TV-08%.
I used to mostly listen to my old Dynalab tuner. Recently I upgraded to their best offerng & I still mostly listen to my tuner!
well,my most used source has change again!
I bought a MINT Mcintosh MR-74 tuner and can't listen to it enough!
I sold my Rega P-25 and Grado Platinum.The LP's are in storage.I decided to dump the analog front end while I could still get a decent price.I bought both new and sold for $50 less than I paid.A good deal if you ask me.
now I want to build an analog front end again but Im raising the bar a bit and going used.Maybe a Sota Sapphire/rega rb-250 highly modified.still undecided about a new cartridge.
Compact Disc Player (which is a Pioneer Elite DV-37) -- 75%.
FM Tuner (which is a Magnum Dynalab FT-101) -- 25%.

And I am putting together an analog/vinyl playback system right now. When I finally get me a phono stage in about a month-and-a-half or so, then that's going to get some significant use as well. I see that being about 50% at the very least. Which after that, CD will drop significantly (to about 25% to 30%), and the tuner will remain the same (approximately 25% to 30% as well).

In my home theater, the TV itself is used 70% of the time, and then after that, my DVD Player is used the other 30%.

And finally in my car (in which I have a stock Honda AM/FM Stereo/CD Player front-end, but is combined with three Precision Fidelity Power Amplifiers (one is bridged for a subwoofer), as well as an upgraded aftermarket Speaker System/Subwoofer setup)), I listen to CD 85% of the time, and to FM Stereo the other 15%.

CD's about 95%. Occasionally use tuner - we have a great PBS jazz/blues station, KPLU. I like exposure to new music on other stations, but can't take the commercials. Still, mostly listen to CD's.
Since I offed the CD player, TT 100%. No CD, no FM, no Tape. Strictly vinyl. Couldn't be happier.
CD player ~99%
Cassette deck, FM tuner, and old Bang & Olufsen turntable ~1%
Turntable 95% of the my time, wife uses tuner 100% of the time. I am thinking of selling the scd-1 for a better cartridge, thats how bad the analog bug has bit me.