Raidho just announced new D .1 models

I am ordering some Raidho speakers and the dealer just informed me they are releasing a new .1 model at CES.

"New motor system, new ventilation system. What do you get for the money: better efficiency, better power handling, better dynamic head room, and first of all much more music."

Would I be crazy buying the new D1.1 or D2.1 without hearing them first?
I just got the announcement from my dealer. Add a crossover upgrade too. I'm looking to see what the upgrade cost would be for current owners. As far as hearing them first I have to say - to me anytime Mike or Lars say it's better it has been (not just different).
It's difficult to imagine they could be better, I have been unable to find anything that comes close to the current version since I first heard them at RMAF in 2014.  Exciting times indeed!
Thought the same with the diamond power cord. Then they came out with the diamond TC.
mmporsche, I would hope Raidho would improve their rather cheap cabinets for the price of entry. Very nice sounding speakers though. If you’re going to CES, Magico are showing their new S1 Mk2 & S5 Mk2 which have many of the same improvements as the .1 series, but take it a step further with lighter and stiffer cones, and improved cabinet & crossover.
I am more concerned about the sound than the cabinet construction. As long as they don't crack open I am fine. The previous version sounded so great that if these are at all improved I will be extremely satisfied. 
I just learned they have redesigned the cabinets so I am anxious to see what they look like.  I just ordered a pair of the D1.1s.  I won't receive them until February but will post pictures/review.
mmporsche, that’s good to hear. I couldn’t make out much from the photo, but i’ll keep an open mind. No argument with thier sound. I can’t say I’m a fan however of thier pricing model. For me, they are way over-priced & thier 2nd hand value gets hammered as a result. Maybe that too will change in future..
"I just learned they have redesigned the cabinets so I am anxious to see what they look like. I just ordered a pair of the D1.1s. I won’t receive them until February but will post pictures/review."

I didn’t hear anything about the cabinet. I have the same non official pictures of the D3.1 back. It looks they just replaced the back plate. It looks like removed the binding posts and replaced them a banana only hole. My dealer is out of town for the holidays so I’ll ask when he comes back.

Congrats on the order. Did you order them in Black or Walnut? Did you order the stands too? When I had the D1’s (in Walnut) I had the all black stands. Not sure if I’m going to have my D2’s upgraded or just get a new pair. They are stating a 3-4 week turnaround for the upgrade.
Melbguy, I suggest contacting david michael audio in Michigan. David is a Great guy to work with and the reason I bought new as opposed to used, definitely worth a call. You may be pleasantly surprised. 
Xti16, those all black stands look very cool.  Are these available from raidho or are they custom?
Sweet, I just asked my dealer to order me the all black stands. He said there is an upcharge for the all black over the silver, hopefully not too much.

Mine were a $500 (list) up charge. My dealer told me he asked Lars to make an all black stand for his demos. They were supposed to be the first made, I bought those.
’Raidho just updated their line...again,lol’

Should Raidho just sit on the sidelines and not improve on their products???? The Diamond series have been out for over 3 years.
Notice the year at the bottom of the link

Should Raidho just sit on the sidelines and not improve on their products???? The Diamond series have been out for over 3 years

Raidho upgrades or changes its line more than any other maker INO,great if you buy used I guess but new,thanks but not thanks.

Raidho was supposed to start shipping Dx.1’s this month. Not sure if they have yet. There is a member on AS that just received a flight case with the upgrade. Raidho is scheduled to arrive on the 18th to do the upgrade. They only do in home upgrades on the D5’s. All the others have to be sent back to Denmark.
My local dealer has a pair of D1.1's that he is breaking in for Axpona. I haven't heard them yet. I'll hear them at Axpona for sure.
I haven't heard them yet but here is a link to someone who has them.
Page 19 post # 183 for the D3.1's - He originally had the D3 V2

As a side note my local dealer should have his D4.1's. Otherwise he only has the D1.1's with the D2.1 & D3.1's that should be in probably late next month hopefully when he gets his B&M store open.
Thanks xti16.  Just curious cuz DHL picked up my D3's yesterday so my count down has started.
Congrats and I think you'll be impressed. I owned the D1's for almost a year before upgrading to the D2's. I heard the D1.1's at Axpona and for what I heard it was like an entirely different speaker (faster) yet kept that Raidho D series sound. My concern with Axpona is they used the top of the line Ansuz DT-C cables. So since I've had 3 different demos (one in my home with Lars) with Ansuz products I will say they make a pretty considerable difference like an even blacker background resulting in a more open/holographic and natural sound. But those products do come with a pretty hefty price tag. They brought my current system to the next level which I didn't think was possible as good as everything already sounded. Sorry I sent this to Dracule1. I won't even respond to his other thread. It's a long read but it does explain my opinion but in better words.
What are they saying for lead time for the upgrade? 
They still can't confirm a turnaround. I have been trying since March to get into the que. They will update the delivery date when they get my speakers.