Raising my subwoofer

Newb here.  I just  bought a new  subwoofer it's like svs 2000.   I need to raise it about 8-12 inches.  Does anyone make a stand or any idea as to how make one?  The reason we inherited a dog that when we forget to crate him while we're gone, he marks when he gets anxiety or whatever his issue.  We have tried everything so here I am. 

I'd say concrete blocks, but depends how often you need to clean, right?
They are cheap.. you can make your own if you want.. Make the forms
and mix it yourself. Strip the boards and add whatever you can wash.
Indoor outdoor carpet.. Same with premade blocks, if weight is an issue
Stack, test, then cover

That might work, I can glue some black laminate give a  s.o. approval factor. I was also thinking of making a big 14 inch cube of 2x4. glued together. 
I'd build a surround out of wood that you could just lift on & off. Raising the sub for listening purposes will affect SQ.
I use 4" maple platforms underneath my (4) JL F-113 subs. I painted them high gloss black and installed 2" brass Audio points underneath.
Check out my systems page for a picture.

I'd build a surround out of wood that you could just lift on & off. Raising the sub for listening purposes will affect SQ.

One room here the subs bens and  MB columns are over 3/4 of a US ton. I can lift and place a 350 lb column pretty easy. Most folks can't. The 4 bass bens are 200 + each.  They are short and tough to move. 1600 lb for the bass. Not a lot of moving going on in the lab/shop. The monitors are 375 each. LOL 

Raise the bass off the floor. It will be the best you ever had. I use columns. The only good way to deal with bass, mechanically. Decouple the bass from the floor, and enjoy less distortion, vibration, and clutter.
The clutter is behind all the isolation crap you need because of vibration.

One pair of OB servos and one pair of Mid Bass Columns here are almost done. They are on Queen Ann style legs, for a listening room. WHY? The servo, decouple combo, does one thing very well, the
house stopped shaking, and started MAKING, BASS. 
Dropped the bass distortion by 15% or more.

The, low mid, mids, HF, and UHF can be heard clearly for once. You hear every bass notes, not just one or two at  30 db but at 130 db..

Hope you don't get the "swarm flu". it's spreading like wild fire... like folks don't know what bass is or something...

Thanks, I thought originally of just using black plexiglass to cover the speaker ,  when I'm not using it, just seems like I would forget to put it back up sooner or later.