Randy Meisner Has Died

One of the founding members of the Eagles, Randy Meisner, has died at the age of 77. I don't know much about his career after the Eagles, but the fact that he was there at the beginning makes his death a loss for everyone who liked the group. I'll never forget the first time I heard 'Take It Easy' on the radio in 1972, and asked the question "Who are those guys?". Then came 'Witchy Woman', and I was hooked.


Yes, he was one of the originals. A younger generation doesn’t realize that Joe Walsh (James Gang) and Timothy B. Schmit (Poco) were relative newcomers.

Based on a mini review in The Sensible Sound I picked up this CD and have been playing it ever since. Meisner Swan, Rich ... a country super group.





I don't remember everything but I feel I was one of the lucky ones that got to see the Eagles on the Yes Close to the Edge tour in 72' at the Music hall in Boston. If I remember right they got about a 10 min standing ovation and came back out and played for about another hour. I was really impressed with them considering I had only heard two of their songs, They were spotlighting Desperado. 

I was mostly interested in his work with Poco (Timothy Schmidt replaced him there when he left for the Eagles, and then replaced him in the Eagles) and HIS projects. BTW, I prefer the Jack Temption (the writer) version of, Peaceful Easy Feeling to the Eagles cover, as I do most of the songs they covered (like Jackson Brown's Take It Easy). It was pretty dang hard to escape the Eagles back in the day. Payola? I don't begrudge him his payday with the Eagles though. I can testify COPD is not a pleasant way to leave this Earth. R.I.P. Randy

I remember my mother in law always talking about stars who’d passed and now it’s me talking about stars that have passed.

RIP Randy Meisner.

Sad, but at least he got to enjoy a lot of life. Dying  at 77 is a lot better than 27.