Raven Osprey vs LTA Ultralinear

Anyone here has had the opportunity to listen to these amps? Different sound? Which one has a more control of low frequencies?
Anyone can help this guy with these amps! One is intergrated and the other is a tube amp that will need pre or two. Both will drive almost any efficient speaker. 
Nice choice you must grab life by the gizzard! 
I have not heard the Raven Osprey but I have owned the LTA UL and I don’t believe any other tube amp made can beat out the Ultralinear when it comes to control of low frequency and I mean the bass is as good as any solid state amp ive heard. I only sold it because I own the ZOTL40 but in truth the UL beats the ZOTL40 in bass. Get the UL and a microZOTL for a preamp and you will never worry about upgrading.